FRL Proposes To Transfer Debt To RIL

FRL Proposes To Transfer Debt To RIL

20 April 2022, Mumbai:

Ahead of voting on Reliance-Future Deal

Payment Plan
Lenders are jittery as no assurance yet on Reliance buying assets as per terms of the 2020 agreement.

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Payment to lenders may be reduced if RIL-linked cos takes control of Future Group stores.

Rs 28,921 cr Future Group's outstanding loans.

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Co proposes to transfer debt of Rs 12,612 cr to RIL.
Rs 16,309 cr to be repaid in tranches; of this Rs 5,653 cr will be paid from proceeds of the asset sale to Reliance.

Almost all of the remaining Rs 16,309 crores will be repaid in a staggered manner to lenders.

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CREDITS: ET Dt 20-04-2022 (The news article has not been edited by DFU Publications staff).

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