Shaye: Making better choices is the new cool

Shaye: Making better choices is the new cool

22 January 2022, Mumbai:


Thanks to the immense exposure we have, we can proudly label ourselves the ‘woke generation.’ We are well aware of several issues that face us and their consequences, and we’re more than ready to work to counter them proactively.

One such major problem plaguing our times is wastage and exploitation of resources, and the only solution to this is adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shaye kimono

Sustainability is now a trending topic. We all know that even our smallest contribution can prove beneficial for the environment. But it’s important to remember that it’s a process and our habits won’t change overnight. We can start by taking small steps with eating and living sustainably, taking charge of our wardrobes, and start dressing sustainably, too. We can start by being mindful of the things we buy and how we use them.

Opting for sustainable apparel doesn’t have to mean your clothing choices will be limited. Many fashion brands are consciously making an effort to come up with chic sustainable wear that will leave you spoilt for choice. And you won’t even be able to tell that it’s recycled or put together from scrap!

When you choose sustainable clothing, you make a bold choice. It is a clear statement that you can dress up elegantly while doing your bit for the environment. You can have the best of both worlds by choosing clothes made from sustainable fabric or zero-waste material.



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