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COVID-19 suspends Amazon’s Prime Day sale

   The second COVID-19 wave has led to suspension of Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale in India. Along with Google and other Indian firms, Amazon has come forward to help India battle COVID-19 by airlifting medical equipment and funding initiatives to make medical oxygen. The Amazon Prime Day is an annual one-day global sale event ... Read more

Fashion retailers seek rental rebates

Fashion retailers seek rental rebates

     Fashion retailers are seeking rental rebates from high-street landlords and shopping malls as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play havoc with their businesses. As per Money Control report, Benetton India is negotiating with landlords for complete waivers on rentals for stores, where business has come to a standstill, du... Read more

Conscious consumption drives launch of new sustainable collections in Ind…

Conscious consumption drives launch of new sustainable collections in India

    The pandemic has caused some attitudinal change amongst Indian consumers. From racing to acquire latest fashion trends, they are now emphasizing on slow consumption. Growing popularity of plant fiber collections This is encouraging many startups to launch sustainable ranges. Even kids wear brands are adopting the sustainabilit... Read more

E-tailers launch new solutions for sellers impacted by COVID-led disrupti…

E-tailers launch new solutions for sellers impacted by COVID-led disruptions

     E-tailers are introducing new solutions for sellers suffering from pandemic-led effects. Startup Dealshare is doubling its pace of transforming business in small towns to online platforms. This helps the company enable local businesses to a part of the e-tailing landscape, says Sankar Bora, Founder and CEO. The company pla... Read more

Apparel brands launch new initiatives, collections to attract customers

Apparel brands launch new initiatives, collections to attract customers

     To attract consumers, apparel and lifestyle brands have introduced a clutch of initiatives besides launching new comfortable clothing ranges and expanding online presence Label Ritu Kumar which has launched ‘Label Basics’ range to cater to demands of work-from-home, athleisure wear. The price of the range begin... Read more

India’s menswear market a $34 billion opportunity for brands

India’s menswear market a $34 billion opportunity for brands

    Earlier restricted to staple products like jeans and polo shirts, Indian menswear market is currently bigger than women’s wear says a Vogue Business report. It’s estimated at $26 billion and forms 46 per cent of overall apparel sales. According to the Italian Trade Agency, if the market successfully navigates various... Read more

Fashion brands donate proceeds to COVID-19 relief

Fashion brands donate proceeds to COVID-19 relief

     To help India through its second COVID-19 wave, many fashion brands are offering their proceeds to NGOs supporting the cause. As per a Desi Blitz report, global sculptural design jewelry brand Misho Designs has committed 100 per cent of the proceeds from its Mina Sung Cuffs to COVID-19 relief charities. The brand also plan... Read more

Rents in India’s most iconic retail hubs decline

Rents in India’s most iconic retail hubs decline

     A study by Anarock Retail of average rentals of iconic retail hubs reveals a 17 per cent drop in rents for India’s most expensive retail real estate, the Khan Market in New Delhi, and upto a 10 per cent decline for Bandra-Linking Road and Fort areas in Mumbai. Prolonged lockdowns and local restrictions, combined with... Read more

Promotions take backseat as brands focus on socially relevant ad campaign…

Promotions take backseat as brands focus on socially relevant ad campaigns

    The advertising world is changing with brands replacing product promotions with COVID-19 related content and messages on their social media handles reports Economic Times. Clothing brand United Colors of Benetton for example, has reserved a slot on its social media handle for urgent posts. Similarly, Cosmetic brand L'oreal India... Read more

New reality awaits Indian artisans as second wave accelerates job losses

New reality awaits Indian artisans as second wave accelerates job losses

    As India races to contain a second wave of Corona virus, artisans employed by garment factories in Mumbai are facing a harsh new reality. With red-carpet dresses and cocktail outfit orders disappearing, orders from Western fashion houses were either reduced by 70 per cent or cancelled, says Max Modesti, Founder, Les Ateliers, 2M... Read more

Vaccine rollouts, localization to boost India’s luxury retailer’s prospec…

Vaccine rollouts, localization to boost India’s luxury retailer’s prospects

    Like all other markets, the luxury fashion rental market too is bearing the brunt of recurrent COVID-induced lockdowns. As per Money Control, almost 80 per cent property owners in Indian high streets have witnessed 14 per cent decline in their rents. One of these prominent high streets is New Delhi’s Khan Market whose rent... Read more

Second wave a death knell for Indian small apparel manufacturers

Second wave a death knell for Indian small apparel manufacturers

    It’s common for small-scale Indian apparel retailers to shut shop due to delayed orders. The shutdown of non-essential services since last year has led to the closure of thousands of apparel enterprises and manufacturers have closed their operations due to lockdown of non-essential services. Transportation disruption strat... Read more

Second COVID wave to delay fashion retail recovery to 2023: ICRA

Second COVID wave to delay fashion retail recovery to 2023: ICRA

     Domestic ratings agency ICRA expects the second wave of coronavirus infections to delay the retailers’ recovery to FY23. The agency expects revenues in the industry to grow by 23-25 per cent on a low base in 2021-22 which would not be sufficient to get the business performance back to the pre-COVID-19 levels Sakshi ... Read more

Demand supply gap to determine future yarn prices in India

Demand supply gap to determine future yarn prices in India

    The second COVID-19 wave is breaking the back of the Indian yarn industry. The exodus of migrant workers and curfews are impacting the operating rate time of many yarn mills in the country. As CCF Group reports states, some mills are currently operating at 70 per cent of their capacities. Mills’ operating rates drop Spin... Read more

Fashion brands’ online sales drop 30 per cent in April

Fashion brands’ online sales drop 30 per cent in April

     The second COVID-19 wave is threatening online sales of many fashion and lifestyle brands. As per Economic Times, online sales have dropped by almost 30 per cent in April compared to March. Online sales of Benetton India have dropped by 20 per cent since the first week of April, says Sandeep Chugh, CEO. Ace Turtle also rep... Read more

India’s yarn exports expected to surge as fabric exports remain stable

India’s yarn exports expected to surge as fabric exports remain stable

    The boost provided by the US-China trade war to India’s cotton exports in marketing year (MY) 2019-20 was offset by the spread of pandemic. However, the country was able to control the pandemic’s impact through lockdowns and vaccination, reports SRTEPC. This also boosted area under cotton cultivation by 5.56 per cent... Read more

COVID 19: A growth opportunity for Indian online textile industry

COVID 19: A growth opportunity for Indian online textile industry

    Amidst all the disruption it has caused, COVID-19 has provided Indian textile industry with an opportunity to rid itself off its dependency on offline operations involving the wholesaler, semi wholesaler, retailers, middle persons etc. As per YourStory, the online textile industry has witnessed a massive surge in the past one ye... Read more

Second wave, curfews could hamper online fashion retailers recovery

Second wave, curfews could hamper online fashion retailers recovery

    Covid-19 has slowdown India’s apparel retail market once more. With malls and stores under lockdown in metros business is at its lowest this year. In fact, the scenario was different just a few weeks ago. Footfalls in stores had increased and ecommerce players too were doing good business after few bad months in 2020. Walm... Read more

Digitization smoothening workflows across Indian retail

Digitization smoothening workflows across Indian retail

    The pandemic has transformed work patterns across all industries in India. No industry has remained unaffected by the crisis; more so the retail industry. Overnight, Indian retailers were forced to redefine their supply chains as a contactless process. They had to move inventory from centralized warehouses to local stores, says ... Read more

Mall revenues to remain low despite rise in toplines: Crisil

Mall revenues to remain low despite rise in toplines: Crisil

     Ratings agency Crisil expects malls revenues to remain lower than their pre-pandemic levels despite a healthy rise expected in their toplines this fiscal . The report states, shopping malls' revenue is likely to grow by 45-55 per cent in FY22 after the 45 per cent dent in the previous fiscal due to the lockdowns. Topline ... Read more

CMAI’s appeal against shutting down garment factories in Maharashtra

CMAI’s appeal against shutting down garment factories in Maharashtra

    The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India has appealed to the Maharashtra government not to hinder economic recovery by shutting down garment factories once more as it is the lifeline of the state. In a press release issued by the Association, Rajesh Masand, President, CMAI has said, increasing number of COVID-19 cases in ... Read more

India’s yarn exports increase in February 2021 as fibre exports decline

India’s yarn exports increase in February 2021 as fibre exports decline

    In February 2021, India’s export of basic textiles comprising fibres, spun and filament yarns increased 24 per cent Y-o-Y to $822 million. As per a report by Textile Value Chain, they accounted for about 2.9 per cent of total merchandise exported from India during the month. Driven by a sharp increase in cotton exports, th... Read more

Recurrent lockdowns threaten apparel brands’ near term growth, profitabil…

Recurrent lockdowns threaten apparel brands’ near term growth, profitability

    Lockdowns continue to spell doom for clothing companies that witnessed business upsurge in January and February owing to ‘end of season sales’ and declining COVID cases. However, a report by ICICI Securities expects rising COVID cases and subsequent restrictions to again delay recovery. The report estimates, apparel ... Read more

India’s Tier II, III beat Tier I cities in e-commerce growth: ICICI Secur…

India’s Tier II, III beat Tier I cities in e-commerce growth: ICICI Securities

     The growth of e-commerce volumes in Tier II and III cities in India is outpacing that in Tier-I cities, says an ICICI securities report. As per the report, in Q4 CY20, the volume share of smaller cities in India's e-commerce market increased to 46 per cent from 32 per cent YoY. Online spending per customer in Tier II and I... Read more

With 16% CAGR till 2024, an impressive future awaits casual wear in India

With 16% CAGR till 2024, an impressive future awaits casual wear in India

  Not wishing to be governed by structures and definitions, the new generation is rewriting old rules of dressing. The generation is unpretentious in its clothing choices and prefers to dress in casual and unstructured clothing. As per a Wazir Advisors study ‘The swing towards casual wear’, the category accounted for 36 per ce... Read more

Data-focus helps Clovia optimize investments and control risks

Data-focus helps Clovia optimize investments and control risks

    One of India’s the premier lingerie brands, Clovia claims to have negligible rate of new product failure. The brand can launch new products with a high degree of confidence, affirms Pankaj Vermani, CEO. It recently launched Bra-Bot, an online AI-based chatbot which guides customers to the correct product while advising siz... Read more

E-com companies expect minimum impact from new restrictions

E-com companies expect minimum impact from new restrictions

     E-commerce firms expect Maharashtra’s new COVID-related restrictions to have minimal impact on their operations. As per Economic Times, the Maharashtra government ordered delivery and supply chain staff of e-commerce companies to either get vaccinated or carry a negative RT-PCR test report, starting April 10 Hari M... Read more

Eco-friendly denim gets a boost with new brands, materials

Eco-friendly denim gets a boost with new brands, materials

    Handcrafted jeans made from khadi are latest innovation in the denim industry. As per a report by the Apparel Resources, a 100 per cent swadeshi brand launched in 2016, Desitude offers handcrafted jeans and other premium quality apparel and accessories made from hand-spun and hand-woven khadi. These denims maintain the spirit an... Read more

LFW reemphasizes the importance of storytelling in fashion

LFW reemphasizes the importance of storytelling in fashion

    The industry has to restart sooner or later, emphasized designer Payal Singhal at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week. For her, fashion weeks are a way to bring in new business to support her staff of 150. She organized a live, in-person show to launch Indian athleisure line called Kismet. The show featured mask-less model... Read more

High-value apparel products will help India mitigate COVID-19 effects: KP…

High-value apparel products will help India mitigate COVID-19 effects: KPMG

    Fashion retail markets across the world were under severe stress even before the COVID-19 crisis. A new KPMG report ‘Covid-19: Mitigation strategy for Indian textile and apparel sector’ highlights issues like deep discounting and damp consumer sentiments were already threatening the future prospects of the industry. ... Read more

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Coronavirus Impact

‘Night suits is a big opportunity because it can be a long term game’

Akhil Jain, ED, Madame

Akhil Jain Executive Director Madame“Since May some of our operations have resumed. Lounge wear, pajamas and athleisure used to be only 2 per cent of our overall business but in the three and a half weeks since we opened, this category has made up 33 per cent of the entire business we have done. Be it offline or online sales or demand from excising multi-brand outlets or distributors, the only products everyone is asking for are: pajamas, lounge wear or nightsuits. We see demand for basic athleisure wear and not fancy ones. It’s a small category for us. Also, there are not many players in the organized sector in India but in the unorganized sector, it is a big category.
Read Full Interview Here

‘With less business, retailers should reformulate cost structure, focus on increasing savings’

BS Nagesh, Founder, TRRAIN
BS Nagesh“We are not sitting at home with the intention of closing our business. We will all reopen our businesses. So, the first attitude is, we are going back to our business and will take it to the next level. Secondly, we will have to analyze our previous work and behaviour with customers in the last 5 to 10 years, if our attitude was that of ‘you are just a customer’ and ‘I don’t care’ previously then be assured your customer will never come back. The people or brands who have already created trust with customers will be the early winners according to me. At this time, those who are in competition need to introspect their future dealings and elements related to it. To create this trust today, no one has a magic wand because we are unaware of customer’s demand, choice and when they come in, we will not work on our KPI’s because we don’t know what the customer wants. It is all guess work.”
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‘Retailers have to enhance consumer engagement by focusing on relation building and communication’

Hemant Jain, Director, KKCL

Hemant Jain“I don’t feel business will decline forever. It will decline but for a short while. Like in cricket, the game is not over if it is hindered by rains, only some overs are reduced but the score remains the same and in order to square the score players focus on hitting the ball to the boundary or over the boundary. Similarly we will have to focus on our ticket size. So if the ticket size grows maybe we will sustain but our priority should be hygiene and safety and we have to convey this message to our customers, that if you walk in to our stores it is safe. So, if we can communicate a sense of safety to our customers maybe retailers will be able to sustain their business.”
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‘We also need to sanitize merchandise at regular intervals’

Vipul Mathur, Business Head,
Vipul Mathur Udaan“Can you move a part of your store online. Can you get to the same degree of sales without getting as many customers as you used to in stores. Is that possible? Can you do home delivery for people to feel safer. If you are an apparel retailer you might have to go places, can you avoid going there and use alternative sourcing methods. If you do all these then three things will happen: you will remain safe, employees will remain safe, customers will remain safe. Their being safe over time they can buy goods without any mishap. Practiced over time this will see business grow.”
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‘COVID-19 is teaching Indian consumers to be restrained in their spending’

Rakesh Jallipally, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Polo Association and Flying Machine

Rakesh Jallipally“Right now people are looking at essentials like staples and household supplies. That is at the top of their list. Apparel or fashion may be fifth or sixth item on the list. But all said and done from our personal experience, we have opened a few stores since and seen there is demand, people are coming in. Indeed, walk-ins are less but whoever has come in are decisive and buying. The world is not over according to me for apparel or fashion retail. There is enough optimism. Basically we need try to and reach out to our consumers because there is a need. It might be latent at this point of time because it is not essential but if we keep reaching out to them I’m sure demand will come back though it might take some time.”
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‘If we overcome the fear our business will slowly come back to normal’

Manohar Chatlani, Chairman and Managing Director, Soch
Manohar D Chatlani“I think we have overestimated the prospective of this virus (COVID-19) to do harm. It is not as deadly or as dangerous as we think. It spreads faster than any other virus we have known so far. If we can overcome this fear, business will slowly come back to normal. Besides sanitizing and cleaning stores the government will have to think about public transport where people have the confidence to use them. Of course, to attract customers we will have to offer good discounts that are better than online discounts and newer merchandise than online. It is a question of time as public memory is short and things should become normal fast. I am hopeful.”
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“Discount retailers and value-oriented brands stand to win”

Usha Periasamy, Director, Brands & Operations, Classic Polo
Usha Periasamy Director Brands Operations Classic Polo“Consumer spending is dramatically curtailed during a recession. Consumers have adopted short-term behaviour during the pandemic that in many cases will become permanent, as a lesson learned from such unprecedented occurrences. Not only do consumers become more financially conservative but also credit may become less available and a large cohort may go into default on their debt, dramatically limiting purchasing power. Consumers will wake up from the pandemic in a new economic reality, changing their commercial behaviours in extreme ways.
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‘It will be very tough now and might take six months to be normal’

Pravin Mutha, MD, Cool Colors, Bafna Clothing
PravinMutha MD Cool Colors Bafna Clothing“Year 2020 scenario is the first time manufacturers have faced such a huge challenge. If they achieve even 60 per cent of sale compared to last year, it will be a great achievement and I presume that 20 per cent of manufacturers and brands will be wiped out. This is a big concern and the government needs to play an active and important role in this. The government has to understand the garment and textile industry is the second largest after agriculture and employs a huge amount of labor from all sections of the society. Hence, the government has to think exclusively for MSME’s and textile and garment industry, like restriction of customs on import, large format stories to source only from Indian market etc.”
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“The elephant in the room is cash-flow management and crisis management”

Dr Darlie Koshy, Academician, Industry Expert, Author ‘Garment Exports: Winning Strategies’
Dr Darlie Koshy"The elephant in the room is cash-flow management and crisis management. For cash-flow management, except exemption package to file returns or reduction of interest on delayed payment, there is very little the government will do at this stage given the huge fund requirement and reduction in tax collection with bottom of pyramid's social and health costs taking predominance. Many SMEs will shut shop and consolidation and constriction will happen. There will be constriction in operations and consolidation of big becoming bigger with deep pockets and select buyer support."
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‘To regain existing business everybody has to work as fast as possible’

Raj Kumar Jain, MD, Bonjour-Zonac Knitting Machines
Raj Jain MD Bonjour Zonac Knitting Machines“Everybody has realized this is the time to think out of the box so that the when it opens they will be ready with what they want to do, like aligning people, volume of production needed to be done, how many showrooms to open, what volume of orders to be taken up because export orders have been cancelled, most large format business have cancelled their orders with vendors. Hence, from day one factories will have nothing to do. As for brands, when they open they have already sustained with their fixed expenses and have no money and will not be able to ask their customers for money. In fact, we will have to assure them we are with them and ask them to start business with full confidence. The main worry is financial support. Low margin business or those subsisting hand to mouth will face extra difficulties. This will simultaneously open new opportunities. It will be a new life after opening. To regain existing business everybody has to work as fast as possible."
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‘The one change we will see is online will bounce back faster than offline’

Manish Kapoor, CEO, Pepe Jeans
Manish Kapoor CEO Pepe Jeans“Whether you open today or a month later or you start EOSS from June 15 or August 15, demand and consumer sentiment per say is not going to change much. The other reality is, in terms of physical retail from the time you reopen the consumer will take time to go back to stores. The one change we will see is online is going to bounce back much faster than offline. This change has been seen in China also and the same scenario is likely to happen in India. In a scenario where the lockdown is lifted around May 15 and EOSS is announced, the consumer will still not visit malls to buy, so delaying EOSS is justified."
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‘The garment industry will witness very tough time, may take six months to a year for normalcy’

Rakesh Grover, Managing Director, Groversons and President for Intimate Apparel Association

Rakesh Grover Managing Director Groversons“The after effects will be tough. Already the industry was going through a difficult time but after this, there will be a hard time because payment cycle will be affected, raw material supplies will be affected as the supply chain is affected, factories are closed and even if production begins, how will we continue production as we need a lot of raw materials and different ingredients to complete garments. To procure from China or India at the moment is difficult as labor returned to their villages and to get them back to work will be a big challenge. It may take a month or two to get them back to work. Even if we have orders production may not start in full strength for about two months post lockdown."
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Will also have to liquidate maximum merchandise at better values

Bobby Arora, Director, Status Quo
Bobby Arora Director Status Quo“Once the lockdown opens, people are more likely to rush to restaurants and other entertainment zones rather than stores for buying clothes. This may create a frustrating situation for brands and retailers and compel them to offer higher discounts than the routine trend. Regarding inventory management, we will have to be smart and carry forward some of the inventories to the next season. We will also have to liquidate maximum merchandise at better values to make some money."

China was also under a lockdown and we depend a lot on them for fabrics

Akhil Jain, Executive Director, Madame
Akhil Jain Executive Director MadameSince we have our own manufacturing, we are manufacturing less. With lockdown finances are also shut, we will save about 100,000 to 150,000 units, that is produced and this is what I am thinking of if the season doesn’t begin in the next two months. As for autumn/winter, it is still under speculation as China was also under a lockdown and we depend a lot on them for fabrics. Of late, we have started pursuing Chinese...
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Lockdown may prolong and will affect our and world economy

Sanjay Dawar, MD, Bodycare Creation
Sanjay Dawar MD Bodycare CreationsWe are aware of the gravity of the situation and emerging problems across all industries. I feel, the lockdown may prolong for a longer period and affect our and world economy. Everyone will have to face it in their own capacity as no planning and management will work. It is a wait and watch; work as per situation. We plan to retain all labourers, as most have left for their hometown. We will pay them without cuts...
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The only way to avoid this blood bath is massive Government support

Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor, CMAI
Rahul Mehta Chief Mentor CMAI“India’s Garment Industry is currently going through its worst ever crisis The current lockdown of the country – is a death blow to these smaller units. Most of them will simply not have the resources of surviving for any length of time even after the markets reopen. This is because even after they reopen, markets are highly unlikely to return to its normal,...
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Bad impact on the industry as all inventories are stuck

Sandeep Jain, MD, Monte Carlo
Sandeep Jain Managing Director Monte CarloCoronavirus will have a bad impact on the industry as all inventories are stuck. Goods in transit are not being sold. Goods are stuck in warehouses, so there’s total loss. We plan to cut down our winter production depending on how long it goes on. We’ll have to sell more goods on discount. If this ends in April, it will be fine and if it prolongs to June, it will be very difficult for the industry...
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We are sitting on stocks and there is no sale and absolutely no cash-flow

Kamal Kushalani, Founding Director, Mufti
Kamal Kushalani Founding Director MuftiFollowing government directives closed all our stores and offices. Hopefully, this will be controlled in 21 days and markets open up. Both our spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are likely to be impacted as almost all production for summer is ready. We are sitting on stocks and there is no sale and absolutely no cash-flow. When markets open, we’ll have to look at demand and how much stocks are cleared...
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Tough times and teams with character and determination will win

Satyen P Momaya, CEO , Celio Future Fashion
Satyen P Momaya CEO Celio Future Fashion“We are looking at how to adjust to a new and challenging reality along with protecting the safety of our employees. Being a fashion retailer, we need tombalance the current season’s merchandise while working on possible buy reduction for the coming season. I foresee the market to remain challenging for at least a quarter even after things settle down and stores open as we fall in the non essential category and consumer sentiment will not be at its best. Therefore, I foresee a 20 per cent reduction in demand for subsequent months. We need to look at all costs to protect our bottomline and also manage the working capital. These are tough times and teams with character and determination will win.”
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‘CMAI needs to take a leap into the next level’: Rahul Mehta

‘CMAI needs to take a leap into the next level’: Rahul Mehta

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   Fashion and lifestyle brand Good Earth has launched a handloom ready-to-wear line ‘Flow’ primarily made fro... Read more

Century Textiles reports Rs 844.68 crore income in Q4

   In its fourth quarter that ended March 31, 2021, Century Textiles and lndustries reported total income of Rs.844.68 cro... Read more

OCM to sponsor upcoming tennis star Rohan Mittal

   India’s largest fabric manufacturer OCM has agreed to sponsor upcoming tennis super star Rohan Mittal. This will ... Read more

Raymond’s Q4 net profit declines 15.5 per cent

   Raymond’s Q4 consolidated net profit has declined 15.5 per cent. However, the company’s total income increa... Read more

Sportking India’s March quarter profit surges by 3,475%

   Sportking India’s March quarter profit jumped by 3,475 per cent to Rs 44.33 crore from Rs 1.24 crore posted for t... Read more

V2 Retail closes non-performing store in Karnataka

   India’s leading value fashion retailer V2 Retail has closed one more of its non-performing store at Udupi in Karn... Read more

Kshitij Jalori launches new collection and brand logo

   Delhi-based women’s wear designer Kshitij Jalori has launched a new collection of bright prints titled ‘Kel... Read more

India’s textile, apparel exports decline by 13% in 2020-21

   India’s textile and apparel exports have declined by 13 per cent in 2020-2021, according to the provisional data ... Read more

Surat police commissioner turns down textile association’s request for rela…

   Suratpolice commissioner Ajay Tomarturned down the request for relaxation in the lockdown norms by two textile associat... Read more

Tilla launches new fusionwear collection

   Departing from its traditional desings,womenswear brand Tilla has launched new fusion-style collection ‘Raja Rani... Read more

6Degree raises $1 million funds for business expansion

   To ramp up operations, business-to-business (B2B) retail platform, 6Degree has raised $1 million from Hyderabad headqua... Read more

Madame to launch video campaign on Mother’s Day

   Renowned women’s fashion brand Madame plans to launch a video campaign ‘Thank you, Maa’ on Mother&rsq... Read more

Indian Terrain introduces second edition of Fairtrade fashion range

   As a part of its collaboration with not-for-profit organization Fairtrade India, Indian Terrain has introduced its seco... Read more

Amazon India waives seller fees for small and medium businesses

   Amazon India has waived the fees paid by sellers on its platform to help small and medium business suffering due to the... Read more

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