Donear Industries signs agreement to buy RSWM assets

30th August 2021, Mumbai:

Donear Industries has signed an agreement with RSWM to purchase its current assets, intangible assets including distribution network, ancillary assets and trade receivables of the company’s synthetics fabric business. With three decades expertise in the textile industry, Donear is a reputed and fastt growing fashion fabric brand creating a wide variety of exotic suitings, trouser and shirting fabrics. The brand primarily caters to the middle and the premium segments with high quality apparel fabrics that are woven with natural fibres, synthetic fibers and its various blends.

On the other hand, a leader in the domestic and international textile industry, RSWM’s innovative mindset and visionary approach has blessed the company with associations across the globe. The company constantly execute strategies to produce high-quality yarns while at the same time reduces its carbon footprint. It produces a natural and beautiful array of hues, textures, blends and various other concoctions when it comes to yarn.


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