EPCs asks the Indian government to increase the tariffs under the RoDTEP plan

EPCs asks the Indian government to increase the tariffs under the RoDTEP plan

21st August 2021, Mumbai:

Piyush Goyal, Minister of Textiles, Commerce, and Industry, met with the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs). The conference was called to get feedback on the sectors' export performance as well as to get comments on a variety of topics.


This meeting was attended by the chairmen and heads of about 35 EPCs, commodity boards, and senior government officials. The problem of rate enhancements under the Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) program was highlighted by Raj Kumar Malhotra, Chairman of EPCH.


They asked the Minister to intervene because handicrafts exporters, who previously received higher MEIS rates, now factor in the MEIS incentive in their pricing, and low RoDTEP rates will make their products uncompetitive. He emphasized the need of increasing RoDTEP rates for the handicrafts industry, citing the fact that the handicrafts sector employs 7 million craftsmen, and every rise or drop in exports has an impact on their livelihood.


He also brought up issues such as the reinstatement of duty-free imports of essential handicraft embellishments, trimmings, tools, and consumables; the reinstatement of MAI provisions for the opening of showrooms, warehouses, and marketing offices abroad, as well as display in international department stores; high container charges levied by shipping lines; and policy framework for B2B e-commerce, among others.


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