Cute Dress Industry Ltd. is now UK Brand NEXT approved factory

Cute Dress Industry Ltd. is now UK Brand NEXT approved factory

21 May 2022, Mumbai:


Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director is the founder and dreamer of Cute Dress.

He is a passionate change maker of Bangladesh's ready-made garment (RMG) industries to top-notch niche manufacturer instead of a bottom of the pyramid manufacturer.

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Back in 2003, he started his own business and established his connection in Nordic countries. Currently, Cute Dress is exporting to more than 40+ high-end brands in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, the USA, Japan, Australia, and a few other countries.

Cute Dress is mainly producing circular knitwear for high-end and niche brands which has higher value and quality. Cute Dress can handle small orders in a very efficient way. The workforce is skilled and passionate about getting the tasks done with the highest level of standard. It runs on the whirlpool of the experienced management team.

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NEXT plc is a United Kingdom-based retailer, which offers clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty, and home products. The Company's segments include NEXT Online, NEXT Retail, NEXT Finance, NEXT International Retail, and NEXT Sourcing.

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