The Wildlife Trust of India is the beneficiary of Good Earth's 26th birthday celebration

The Wildlife Trust of India is the beneficiary of Good Earth's 26th birthday celebration

27 January 2022, Mumbai:

Good Earth, a fashion and lifestyle company, is celebrating its 26th birthday by collaborating with The Wildlife Trust of India on a new art campaign to raise awareness about endangered species.

Good Earth, a company that has long promoted sustainable and eco-friendly clothing manufacturing practices, has stated on Facebook that it is striving to increase awareness about endangered animals in India and South Asia.

As part of the brand's birthday celebrations, Nitin Brijwal collaborated with UK-based artist Rebecca Campbel to create a unique poster titled 'Living on the Edge,' which Good Earth is selling on its website with all revenues going to The Wildlife Trust of India.

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Good Earth's creator and creative director Anita Lal stated on Facebook, "Birthdays are milestones when we acknowledge our blessings and look forward with optimism for a brighter future for everybody." "On our birthday, we'd want to draw attention to the predicament of some animal species that, although probably unknown to many of us, are facing extinction.

Many organizations, including the Wildlife Trust of India, are working relentlessly to prevent the extinction of our most endangered creatures. "We want to help in whatever manner we can to this noble endeavor."

"While it may appear ideal, these creatures on the verge of extinction are truly living on the edge," Lal explained. "We hope that the artworks raise awareness and encourage us and the younger generation to think more about sustainable living."

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