Fabriclore: Collaborates with linen fabric manufacturer

Fabriclore: Collaborates with linen fabric manufacturer

10 June 2022, Mumbai:

India’s first fabric and design commerce platform Fabriclore has collaborated with Line Fiesta, one of the eminent manufacturers of linen fabrics based out of Mumbai launched under the company ‘Vrijesh Natural’.

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Sandeep Sharma, Founder & Vice President – Operations, says, the alliance, grants Fabriclore100+ SKUs and,connects it with the e-commerce side of the business.

Created by handcraft weavers and printers, Fabriclore’s heritage of handloom fabrics along with its decades-old archives of textiles, serve as design inspirations to create new products.

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As per a *Textile Value Chain report, the company creates its products by mixing handloom weavers, block printers as well as cutting edge jacquard looms and space dyeing machines. This fusion defines its design philosophy, making its collections fresh and unique.

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CREDITS: *Textile Value Chain


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