Singhania's opens new showroom in Banjara Hills

Singhania's opens new showroom in Banjara Hills

An iconic brand synonymous with Indian elegance and heritage, Singhania's, has opened a dedicated second floor showroom at their prestigious Banjara Hills location. This new haven caters to discerning clients seeking a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary style, offering an exquisite array of ready-to-wear garments.

For generations, Singhania's has been a champion of India's vibrant handloom traditions. To ensure the highest standards and support local communities, they've meticulously built printing, embroidery, silk spinning units, and more.

Handpicked directly from artisans across the nation, the second floor collection boasts a captivating range including opulent bridal lehengas, reception gowns, salwar suits and Kurtas.

Singhania's also offers bespoke service to its clients. The brand has in-house fashion designers and experts who collaborate with clients to bring their sartorial dreams to life.

Singhania's showroom remains a beacon of luxury, elegance, and tradition in the global fashion landscape. The brand’s commitment to preserve India's rich textile heritage while embracing contemporary trends ensures they remain relevant for generations to come.

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