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29 September 2023, Mumbai

An overview

Intex India is a significant B2B international sourcing trade show that provides a unique opportunity for direct access to the vast Indian, South Asian, and global markets.

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Leveraging India's robust manufacturing capabilities and the immense domestic demand it commands, Intex India offers unparalleled opportunities for international suppliers seeking entry into this expansive market.

Sweet spot

India is currently the world's fastest-growing major economy and is expected to witness its GDP surge to $7 trillion by 2030. 

This remarkable growth trajectory is also expected to translate into a 9.5% increase in disposable income from 2022 to 2026, with consumption projected to soar to $1.8 trillion by 2030.

India's Gen-Y population, with over 808 million individuals under the age of 35, has a growing appetite for fashionable attire. 

Tailwinds; This trend is propelling the domestic fashion and apparel brands market towards an impressive $220 billion target by 2025. 

The active wear sector is set to reach $6 billion by 2024, while the sports apparel market is anticipated to hit $2.2 billion by 2029. These flourishing sectors are well-supported by the fashion retail market, which aspires to reach $118 billion by 2028, and the rapidly expanding online sales segment, potentially reaching $130 billion by 2026.

Multiple data points

India's textile and apparel exports surged to an impressive $44.4 billion in FY22. The readymade garment exports are projected to sustain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12-13%, ultimately surpassing $100 billion by 2030.


In alignment with this growth, India's textile and apparel imports also witnessed a robust uptick, surging by 26.7% to $8 billion in 2022-23.

In this thriving ecosystem, Intex plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in expanding their operations and harnessing the abundant opportunities that lie ahead.

5 key insights :

Intex India: Global sourcing trade show

Sweet spot: India's fast-growing economy

Tailwinds: Gen-Y population with growing demand for fashionable attire

Multiple data points: Strong exports and imports growth

Leveraging: Intex helps businesses expand

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