How Responsible Is Advertising In Apparel Industry

How Responsible Is Advertising In Apparel Industry

03 June 2022, Mumbai:

A few decades ago, the textile and retail sectors did not market their products to the general public, which seems surprising for an industry that is fully consumer-focused now.

Exhibitors and shops designed their promotions and marketing without the assistance of specialists sometime later. If not for the fierce rivalry in the garment business, the unplanned advertising and marketing methods would have persisted.


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There are several possibilities for advertising garment manufacturers. The garment designers or producers, on the other hand, research the target market and devise a marketing strategy based on their findings.

When older clients are the target market, shops frequently use the internet or print media to spread the word about the clothing line. Youthful customers favor Internet advertising and electronic media.

The goal of advertising is to develop a specialized market for the clothing brand in addition to increasing revenue. If a company hasn't yet opened a physical location, it's critical to set up virtual stores in one or more online marketplaces.


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Retail clothing marketers are increasingly employing strategies such as geo-targeting, which involves directing mobile advertisements to brick and mortar establishments. It's also simple to track the success of mobile advertisements and web ads.

Marketers quantify ad performance by the number of times customers click on links. Marketers and advertisers investigate what individuals do after clicking the link or visiting the sites to understand buying behavior better.


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Effective advertising is seen as considerably more important than operating a physical store in today's world.

Before the debut, merchants, designers, and manufacturers raise awareness of the product and turn it into a brand so that potential consumers are aware of its presence. In the fashion business, emphasizing a product's originality and superiority has become unavoidable, as new rivals enter the market every day.

Mobile advertising has altered the attention of garment retailers and manufacturers away from traditional marketing channels such as billboards, print ads, and television commercials. Smartphones are increasingly being used to make retail transactions on the fly, and marketers are taking note.


The simple answer is that young or middle-aged customers are always keeping up with the fashion world via smartphones, and online purchasing is also gaining traction. So, whether it's seeking color options or larger sizes, mobile phones can do it all.

The concept of the clothing business has shifted in recent years since a single item now reflects the efforts of many people, from craftsmen to designers to technical staff. The term apparel industry refers to a social phenomenon.

The advertising business aids the garment industry in expanding beyond its established borders, and the journeys of numerous companies demonstrate that the apparel industry cannot function without advertising.

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