Industry leaders get a roadmap to net-positive fashion


07 December 2023, Mumbai

The GFA Monitor 2023, launched at COP28, is your one-stop guide to building a sustainable fashion future. Packed with insights from 25+ industry organizations, it's your playbook for change.

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Data-driven insights, real-world solutions

The report taps into the Fashion Industry Target Consultation (FITC), surveying 900 voices across 90 countries. This is the industry's lived experience, laid bare.

Five priorities, clear actions

Aligned with the Fashion CEO Agenda, the GFA Monitor focuses on five key areas: fair work, better wages, circularity, resource stewardship, and smart materials. It's not just talk; it's practical tools and proven best practices.

Industry united, progress cautious

The FITC reveals optimism about aligning on 27 action areas. But the report urges concrete impact. It sets clear goals for each priority and highlights where we need to step it up.

2025: A critical deadline looms

With the UN's 2030 goals approaching, the GFA Monitor sounds the alarm: peak greenhouse gas emissions must happen by 2025. Paris pledges made eight years ago aren't enough; projections are worse than expected.

COP28: Fashion steps up, GFA leads the way

This is our moment. GFA co-hosts a special COP28 session, ensuring fashion's voice is heard. The Global Fashion Agenda Assembly on December 5th reviews progress, shares financing solutions, and advises policymakers.

Federica Marchionni, CEO, of Global Fashion Agenda: "Partnerships are key. Together, we can make sustainability the new normal."

Join the movement. Let's build a net-positive fashion future.

5 Key Insights

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Actionable solutions based on industry experience.
  2. Five Priorities: Fair work, wages, circularity, resources, smart materials.
  3. Industry United: Optimism for alignment on key action areas.
  4. 2025 Deadline: Peak emissions must happen by 2025.
  5. COP28: Fashion Steps Up: GFA leads the charge for change.

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