Mall Revival: Bold Moves Reimagine Shopping in 2024


06 January 2024, Mumbai

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Malls Bounce Back: After a pandemic dip, mall visits shot up 42% in 2023, with Phoenix Marketcity in Bangalore even surpassing pre-pandemic levels!

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Luxury Reigns: Premium malls saw a sparkling 15% growth, fueled by flagship launches like Louis Vuitton and Dior at Delhi's DLF Emporio.

Tier 2 Takes Off: In a surprise twist, smaller cities like Lucknow and Jaipur witnessed a 27% mall boom, with Phoenix Palassio leading the charge.

Experiences Win: Forget boring stores; in 2024, malls will thrive by offering art exhibits, live music, and unique events.

High Streets Rise Again: With a 38% foot traffic surge, high streets are back! Mumbai's Hill Road, with its mix of street food and boutiques, shows why.

Foodie Frenzy: High streets saw a 24% rise in food outlets, with Chennai's Anna Salai leading the pack.

Data Drives Success: Smart retailers like Fabindia in Jaipur are using data to personalize offers and boost sales—the future of high streets?

So buckle up! 

2024 promises a thrilling ride as malls and high streets reinvent themselves through bold moves and smart strategies. 

Get ready for an experiential shopping revolution!

5 Retail Revolutions:

  1. Mall Mania: Visits soar 42%; luxury reigns (15% boost!).
  2. Tier 2 Triumph: Smaller cities (27% surge!) challenge metros.
  3. Experiences Rule: Art, music, and events in 2024's malls.
  4. High Streets Hustle: Back with 38% footfall, food leads (24% growth!).
  5. Data Drives Decisions: Personalization fuels success on the high streets.

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