The rise of gender-neutral fashion


13 April 2023, Mumbai 

The advent of non-binary and gender-fluid identities has fueled the popularity of gender-neutral clothing.

Because non-binary and gender-fluid people may not identify as just male or female, standard gendered clothing has not always been suitable for their requirements.

What all you need to know

Breaking Boundaries

Gender-neutral fashion, intended to include all gender identities, has emerged dramatically influencing the fashion industry's adoption of gender-neutral designs.

Many people have turned to social media to demonstrate their particular trends and how they mix gender-neutral apparel into their collections.

Beyond Binary

Also, these people have developed into advocates and role models for gender-neutral attire, inspiring others to adopt this look and disregard traditional gender conventions.

Many fashion companies have noticed this trend and begun including gender-neutral designs in their collections.

The younger generation has contributed significantly to promoting gender-neutral clothing thanks to the influence of non-binary and gender-fluid people.

Many Gen Z and millennials are embracing non-binary gender identities and advocating for more inclusion in all spheres of society, including the fashion industry.


Gender-neutral clothing gains popularity with non-binary and gender-fluid identities, promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and self-expression. Influencers, fashion companies, and celebrities drive the trend, challenging traditional gender norms.

As awareness and acceptance increase, gender-neutral clothing becomes a preferred choice for authenticity-seeking wearers.

Indian reflection

The rise of gender-neutral fashion in India amply reflects and echoes in sync with evolving global fashion universe manifesting a better handle of the decisive direction towards inclusivity and self-expression, quite certainly challenging the status quo/traditional gender norms in the fashion industry.

As awareness, popularity, and acceptance keep improving, gender-neutral clothing is showing an uptick in this growth story and continues to emerge as a preferred optionality for discernible wearers.

The road ahead; Prominent Indian fashion designers and labels are breaking away from unisex clothing lines/prevailing stereotypes and traditional gender roles in apparel/clothing, offering diverse, vibrant, workable, and inclusive options that cater to all genders/gender-agnostic.

The article attempts to outline with the caveat that, we only do what is right and in the interest of the readers as this shift is being driven by increasing awareness about gender fluidity, inclusivity, and the desire for self-expression beyond traditional societal-gender norms, thus only making gender-agnostic fashion a considerable ongoing trend in the ever-evolving Indian fashion industry as we move ahead.

Embracing Inclusivity

Gender-neutral clothing is intrinsically more inclusive of people of all gender identities since traditional binary gender stereotypes do not constrain it.

This promotes a more tolerant society where people may openly express their gender identity without worrying about being judged or excluded.

Gender-neutral clothing is frequently made more adaptable and valuable than conventional gender-specific clothing, making it more accessible to a more extensive range of people.

For instance, a gender-neutral t-shirt may be dressed up or down to fit various preferences and settings and can be worn by anybody, regardless of gender identification.

While designing gender-neutral apparel, high-quality soft and comfortable materials are frequently used. For those who have had trouble finding comfortable clothes that match their gender identification, this can be extremely helpful.

Using environmentally friendly materials and production techniques, gender-neutral apparel is frequently created to be more sustainable than traditional gendered fashion.

Challenging Norms; This can lessen the fashion industry's adverse environmental effects and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Gender-neutral clothing encourages people to be more inventive with their wardrobe selections by enabling them to mix and match various trends and accessories to create individualized outfits.

For those who may have previously felt constrained by traditional gender conventions, this may be liberating.

Style for All

Non-binary and gender-fluid people may now connect with others who share their identities on social media and gain inspiration and support from influencers and online groups.

Those who may have felt excluded or ostracised by traditional binary gender conventions have found acceptance and belonging in these networks.

Fashion for Everyone; After it is today Fashion Without Limits

It has allowed fashion companies to communicate directly with customers and spread the word about their gender-neutral clothing lines.

Several fashion businesses turn to social media influencers to display gender-neutral designs and connect with a younger, more varied audience.

Gender-Neutral Clothing as a New Norm

A new generation of gender-neutral fashion influencers has emerged thanks to social media, and they have taken the lead in promoting this trend.

These social media influencers utilize their platforms to show off their gender-neutral looks and encourage others to adopt them.

The Rise of Gender-Inclusive Apparel; Gender-neutral clothing is quite certainly gathering pace & acceptance as a new normal in the fashion industry of the day, challenging status quo/traditional gender norms and embracing inclusivity in spirit.

Putting the finger on the pulse as Brands like Phluid Project and Wildfang are dominating/leading the way by offering a gender-neutral range that prioritizes comfort/bespoke, functionality, and a greater scope for self-expression.

It would not be out of the place to make mention here that, celebs like Harry Styles and Janelle Monáe have also not shied away from embracing gender-neutral fashion, breaking limits/barriers, and influencing/inspiring others to do the same. With increased awareness and acceptance, gender-neutral apparel/clothing is becoming a preferred option for wearers seeking to express themselves freely with an accent on authenticity & genuineness, irrespective of gender identity.

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