Ballari Jeans: Facing an ‘Existential Crisis’


07 August 2023, Mumbai

In Old Ballari city's bustling lanes, laborers craft iconic jeans, but the once-thriving industry faces an existential crisis. Formerly India's second-largest jeans manufacturer, Ballari jeans now lag behind Gujarat's due to state support and modern infrastructure.

Lack of government support

Availability dwindles as Gujarat offers extended retailer credit, cementing market advantage. Ballari's plea for aid emphasizes urgent infrastructural enhancement for raw material procurement and product dispatch.

Potential job provider

They seek loans, subsidies, and export platforms. The looming risk of industry demise signifies both local and national losses, given their durable, quality reputation.

With a century-old legacy, Ballari jeans employ 45,000 people, renowned for ruggedness and affordability. Gujarat's recent garment sector strides and superior technology amplify Ballari's struggle.

Timely intervention is critical

Government aid is vital to survival, offering upliftment, financial support, power-loom subsidies, and export platforms. Ballari's jeans fate is uncertain, but timely intervention could reinvigorate this legacy, securing heritage and national pride.

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