CMAI: 78th National Garment Fair 2024 unveils Spring-Summer trends


30 January 2024, Mumbai

The National Garment Fair 2024 (NGF 2024), organized by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), kicked off at the Bombay Exhibition NESCO Complex in Goregaon East on January 29, running until January 31.

Showcasing the latest Spring-Summer collections, the event, spearheaded by Rajesh Masand, President of CMAI, welcomed over 1120 brands across Women's wear, Men's Wear, Kids Wear, and Accessories.

Critical piece of the value chain

Regarded as the pinnacle event in India's apparel sector, NGF serves as a vital nexus, fostering connections between national and regional brands, designers, manufacturers, and retailers.

With dignitaries including Rohit Munjal and Jayesh Shah gracing the inauguration, the fair symbolizes industry resilience and innovation.

A resilient market boosts economy

Reflecting on the industry's trajectory, Masand expressed cautious optimism, citing the challenges of previous years and emphasizing the pivotal role NGF plays in setting industry sentiment. Munjal echoed this sentiment, highlighting the expansive exhibition area spanning 700,000 square feet and emphasizing the event's vibrancy and scope.

Amidst discussions on consumer demand and market size, Rahul Mehta underlined the sector's resilience, noting a shift towards premium offerings. Despite challenges, the Indian apparel market, valued at Rs. 6.80 lakh crores in FY2023, continues to show promise, driven by network expansions and new openings.

Guiding star of aspiration and possibility

NGF 2024 emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity, offering a glimpse into the industry's evolution and resilience in the face of adversity.

As stakeholders converge to explore trends and innovations, the fair serves as a vital barometer for India's vibrant apparel sector.

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