Despite the high cost of yarn, Indian garment makers choose recycled cotton yarn

Despite the high cost of yarn, Indian garment makers choose recycled cotton yarn

10 February 2022, Mumbai:

Due to the high cost of cotton yarn, Tirupur's garment makers are increasingly concentrating on recycled cotton. The market for recycled cotton has been increasing in recent months, according to a story in the New Indian Express, a popular English daily.

When recycled cotton yarn is combined with another fiber, such as polyester, it not only gives excellent quality and comfort, but it also enhances the amount of recycled cotton used.

Cotton yarn prices have been hovering around Rs. 350 per kilogramme in all categories, according to industry estimates, while recycled cotton yarn (open-ended cotton) costs between Rs. 230 and Rs. 280 per kilogramme. For clothes makers, this price differential is a welcome respite. It's worth noting that Tamil Nadu has around 600 open-ended mills.

Recycled cotton is created from waste and leftover clothing parts that are separated by color before being delivered to a crusher. The crushed components resemble cotton fibers in appearance, but they are weak and cannot be spun into yarn. As a result, polyester components are added, transforming the fiber spindle into a yarn (recycled yarn).

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There is no need to color the recycled cotton yarn again because it has already been dyed. As a result, no additional chemical processing or water washing is necessary. Importantly, using recycled cotton yarn saves a significant amount of time. Furthermore, numerous big global companies need recycled cotton yarn, as well as obtaining the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for recycled yarn.


"The increasing price of cotton has hampered the commerce of cotton yarn," stated M. Jayapal, President of the Open-Ended Spinning Mills Association. As a result, yarn mills have been given price increases, which has had a significant impact on garment units. As a result, we've had to look for alternatives, and recycled cotton is the best."

When it comes to primary colors, the recycled cotton yarns have a little color difference.

There is also a little difference in the amount of comfort. Many knitting machines, on the other hand, blend recycled cotton yarn with regular cotton yarn while sewing stripes and checks, and the result is far better than cotton yarn.


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*Figures mentioned in the above article have been sourced from New Indian Express & Apparel Resources article. 



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