KBLB launches new premium yarn for luxury apparel

KBLB launches new premium yarn for luxury apparel

Marking a step towards vertical integration within the textile industry, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories (KBLB) has created a premium yarn for luxury apparel. This unique yarn combines Pima cotton with recombinant spider silk.

Crafted to unite the finest cotton with the extraordinary properties of spider silk, the composite yarn promises a 100 per cent natural fiber solution for fabrics and garments. Kraig Labs meticulously engineered this innovation in collaboration with a renowned spinner specialising in top-tier cotton yarns and fabrics.

Guided by textile consultant Jeff Dorton, the company rigorously explored various spinners before settling on the ideal partner. The selection hinged on the spinner's technical prowess and robust production capabilities.

Kim Thompson, Founder and CEO, says, this inaugural composite yarn blends the luxurious Pima Cotton with the company’s silk, accentuating the inherent elegance of both fibers. As KBLB gears up for the Spring production trials, pinpointing these initial markets and applications for silk at commercial scales stands as a pivotal objective for its team.

The debut of the cotton-spider silk blend targets upscale segments like luxury dress wear and apparel. Kraig Labs is actively exploring additional blends incorporating spider silk and natural fibers to cater to various sub-segments within formal wear.

While luxury and fashion remain primary focuses, the company maintains a steadfast commitment to advancing technical applications for its spider silk materials across defensive textiles, composites, and performance apparel.

The unveiling of this premium yarn signals Kraig Labs' dedication to innovation and its vision of reshaping the textile landscape with sustainable, high-performance materials.

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