Saris growing @ 8% a year


28 September 2022, Mumbai:

The sari market in India is growing at eight percent a year.

In the total Indian textile and apparel market, the sari has a market share of 42 percent. Adaptability has been ingrained in the warp and weft of the sari, which hasn't lost its relevance pan-India despite the western onslaught.

Today, the sari has seen many innovative and artisanal renditions to woo the modern, thinking woman in a youthful way. New dimensions are being curated out of the existing template of the sari to make it culturally emblematic. These resemble a sari but are in fact a stitched dress with a long piece of fabric that can be styled in a number of ways to resemble the draped garment

Among the other textile products that are growing in double digits in the Indian apparel market are jeans (13 percent), underwear/panties (13 percent), T-shirts (12 percent), brassieres (12 percent), frocks (11 percent), and salwar kameez (ten percent).

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