Tiruppur Exporters Association to reintroduce stakeholders Forum


20 September 2023, Mumbai

The Tiruppur Exporters Association (TEA) announced its plans to reintroduce the Tiruppur Stakeholders Forum next month during its recent annual meeting.

The forum, led by TEA Vice-President V. Elangovan, will include representatives from the association, ETI, eight trade unions, three NGOs, the Brand Ethics Working Group, the Assistant Commissioner of Labour from the Labour Department in Tiruppur, and the UN Women Wing.

Promote Worker Welfare, and Focus on MMF Products

The revived forum aims to promote worker welfare, enhance working conditions, and contribute to the sustainability of the Tiruppur cluster.

TEA is also focusing on fostering the production of man-made fiber (MMF) products to meet global demands. TEA plans to conduct awareness programs to help its members increase their market share in MMF products.

ESG (Environment and Sustainability Governance) has gained prominence, and TEA is in discussions with experts to understand the necessary procedures for its members to adopt sustainable practices.

Multiple data points

In terms of export performance, India's Readymade Garments (RMG) sector experienced an 8.78% growth in the 2022-2023 fiscal year in rupee terms, and a 1.06% growth in dollar terms compared to the previous year. In the same period, Tiruppur's knitwear exports increased to ₹34,350 crore from ₹33,525 crore in the previous fiscal year.

Tiruppur's share in all India knitwear exports in 2021-2022 was 55.60%. However, in dollar terms, Tiruppur's knitwear exports in 2022-2023 decreased to $4.29 billion from $4.50 billion in 2021-2022.

Among Tiruppur's total knitwear exports last year, the top 10 knitwear garment items accounted for 60.07%.

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