Trend Watch: Its comfort over style for menswear this summer

Trend Watch: Its comfort over style for menswear this summer

03 May 2022, Mumbai:

Hugely popular during the 90s, the trend of loose-fitting and comfortable clothes is back.

The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have made comfort a priority in fashion against the earlier focus on stylish but uncomfortable clothes.

Loungewear tops demand comfort clothing.

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The has been growing for the last few years as people adapted themselves to the changing times and switched to the ‘Work from Home’ mode.

The onset of summer has intensified this trend with more consumers opting for loungewear, athletic apparel, and comfortable clothing, says Satyen Momaya, CEO, of Celio, a French menswear brand in India.

Loungewear emerged as the most popular apparel category in 2020 and 2021, points out Momaya.

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Worn both inside homes and also in public places, loungewear is also environment friendly as it creates less waste.

Their popularity has grown because these clothes provide both comfort and style, Momaya explains. In the last few years, comfort clothing has also emerged as one of the most popular dressing styles for air travelers.

The resurgence of bright colors and extra-soft denims

According to Momaya, another popular trend is the resurgence of bright colors. Bold colors have resurfaced on the fashion scene, making summer days brighter and cooler.

Consumers are including bold colors ranging from pastel to neon in their summer wardrobes.

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Summer has also seen the resurgence of extra-soft denims that are softer than silk and as cool as linen.

These denims are paired with stylish linen shirts for a dapper look. In shirts, consumers are also opting for reversible, crepe, dobby, and printed varieties, Momaya points out.

Rise in ‘feminine fashion’

Another emerging trend is feminine fashion, affirms Momaya. Men are incorporating more pink and floral into their wardrobes.

They are mixing and matching styles, choosing bright colors, and adopting the athleisure style of dressing for a more comfortable and confident summer look.

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