TTBC: A Knowledge Hub for Green Technologies


08 November 2023, Mumbai

The Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC), established by the Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) program, serves as a knowledge hub for green technologies in the textile and RMG industry.
Facilitating Knowledge Sharing and Business Linkages
TTBC facilitates knowledge sharing and business linkages between textile factories and technology suppliers, addressing the need for credible information and technology transfer.
Building Industry Capacity Through Sustainable Practices
Through technical training programs, knowledge-sharing sessions, and support for cleaner production, energy efficiency, and rooftop solar PV adoption, TTBC plays a pivotal role in building industry capacity.
A Proven Track Record of Success
With over 103 B2B linkages, 58 workshops, and knowledge materials for over 2300 participants, TTBC has made significant contributions to the textile industry.
Comprehensive Services and Expertise
TTBC offers a range of services, including B2B linkages, tailored services, promotion of resource-efficient technologies, capacity building programs, and a networking platform. Its expertise lies in textile specialists, resource efficiency specialists, communication experts, and business development officers.
Ensuring Continued Operation and Growth
Recently taken over by BGMEA to ensure its continued operation, TTBC remains committed to empowering the textile industry with sustainable solutions, fostering innovation, and promoting sector growth.

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