YKK Announces New Collection of Recycled Zippers


22 February 2022, Mumbai:

Recognizing that trims are one of the biggest challenges for garment recycling, YKK announces a new collection of NATULON® recycled zippers made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

ECONYL® nylon, manufactured by Aquafil SpA and supplied in collaboration with ITOCHU Corporation, is made entirely from nylon waste collected all around the world, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps, old carpets, and fishing nets from the aquaculture sector. The material can be continuously recycled without loss of quality.

YKK will offer ECONYL® regenerated nylon products in three categories to the European market: VISLON® NATULON® recycled zipper made with ECONYL®, a fully ECONYL® plastic injected zipper; EXCELLA® NATULON® recycled zipper made with ECONYL®, a top-of-the-range brushed metal zipper; Recycled sew-on button made with ECONYL®, a simple button to sew on nylon garments.

YKK Announces New Collection Of Recycled Zippers Made Using ECONYL®  Regenerated Nylon In Europe | Textile World

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“YKK understands circular fashion as a regenerative system where garments are circulated for as long as their maximum value is retained, and then returned safely to the biosphere,” said Hitoshi Yamaguchi, President of YKK Italy. “As a small part of the supply chain, we firmly believe that circularity is the key to building sustainability. This is our motivation when we design the highest quality recycled and recyclable fastener products.

YKK has been expanding its NATULON® recycled zippers series, which features zipper tapes made from PET bottles, old fibers, and other polyester residues.

It recently introduced NATULON Plus™, in which the chain and the slider are also made entirely of recycled polyester.


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