International Conference on Fashion,Apparel & Textile: INCFAT’ 22


27 November 2022, Mumbai:

Amity School of Fashion Technology organized it under  Faculty of Applied Arts/Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Visual Arts, Amity University, U.P. in "On-line” (Virtual) mode on 15th November 2022

Salil Chawla, Director of DFU Publications was one of the Speakers in 1st session of 15th, Nov 2022 and spoke on the topic 'Omnification of the retail industry'. In his opening remarks, he iterated Hybrid Mode best of the two worlds, with a combination of Offline & Online Physical/Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce Marketplaces.

Every adversity has a silver lining and a prelude to the onset of all-pervasive technology intervention in the day-to-day life of commoners was a fundamental tailwind we have directly experienced out of the COVID-19 era.

A great shift in the consumer is taking place and the challenge now is to achieve a balance between the ongoing capacity expansion and the growing demand, to avoid overcapacity while still meeting rising demand from the major brands.

In conclusion

Retail trade has embarked on a planned strategic journey of change when unification and omnification of the offline and online so to say become to be a sacred cow and strong customer loyalty. This is not just strategic but also a natural growth path for these companies.


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