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08 November 2023, Mumbai

Insights from the 38th IAF World Fashion Convention
The 38th IAF World Fashion Convention concluded with nearly 200 delegates from over 20 countries convening to address pressing global issues within the apparel industry. The convention emphasized the need for a more robust, intelligent, and sustainable sector.
Moving Beyond Transactional Practices: Fostering Collaborative Supply Chains
Navigating the Apparel Industry's Future; A significant shift emerged during the sessions, with a clear call for enhanced collaboration over transactional practices. Discussions highlighted the need to move beyond a sole focus on price in sourcing and instead invest in supply chain partnerships that reduce risk, lower costs, and increase productivity.
Sustainability Takes Center Stage: Prioritizing Security, Trust, and Harmonization
The convention also shed light on sustainability, with speakers stressing the imperative of transitioning towards sustainable practices. Global harmonization emerged as a critical theme, particularly in the realm of corporate sustainability due diligence requirements.
Geographical Shifts in Sourcing: Exploring Opportunities beyond China
The geographical perspective of this year's convention, centered in the US, explored shifts in US sourcing away from China and the rise of production opportunities in Africa, Türkiye, and Central America.
A Holistic Approach: Interdependence of Sustainability, Sourcing Models, and Technology
Emphasizing the holistic approach, the convention conveyed the interdependence of sustainability, sourcing models, and technology. IAF President Cem Altan reiterated the necessity of addressing structural issues and moving beyond price-driven sales.
Investing in People: The Heart of the Apparel Industry
Above all, the convention reinforced the central role of people in the apparel industry. Investments in workers, managers, owners, and communities were emphasized as essential for the industry's improvement, underscoring its global and people-centric nature.

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