Bangladesh turns focus towards circular economy


07 January 2023, Mumbai

Bangladesh is gearing/bracing up on its promise of producing responsible and ethical manufacturing putting a lot of thrust on producing green products; practices like handling fashion waste etc. amongst many others.

Commenting on this theme recently Salman F Rahman, private industry executive and investment adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in a speech at Made in Bangladesh Week Nov. 2022 asserting categorically he states that, "We will do whatever policy is required to make Bangladesh the world hub for recycling.

At the industry level, it is a matter of serious deliberation on an on-going basis and, the topic/subject of fashion waste & the circular economy come up repeatedly as the world faces a severe climate change effect more predominantly than ever before".

The country is second only to China in the entire world in apparel exports legitimately sporting $42.21 billion fetching its nation's most-valued record FOREX.

This heralded a new age in the annals of its apparel industry ushering in an all-new resolute and resilient apparel manufacturing eco-system. As today's conscious discernible consumer raises a lot of concerns/worries related to protecting the environment and buying products causing material environmental impact.

What is credible is sustainably the Bangladeshi garment manufacturers are endeavoring/trying to do things in ways that could save manufacturers money and bring much-needed foreign exchange to the country which is so heavily dependent on this sector.

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