Europe sees Bangladesh's sustainable potential


06 September 2023, Mumbai

'Best of Bangladesh Europe' showcases sustainable manufacturing

The event features 35 companies from apparel, textiles, agriculture, and other sectors. Over 1000 European visitors are expected to attend.

Event holds six interactive panel sessions on sustainable sourcing, workforce safety, agro-food, impact investing, and circular economy

Bangladesh Innovation Runway showcases the country's ability to produce high-end, sustainable, and innovative apparel products.


  • Bangladesh is a major player in the global apparel industry and is committed to sustainable manufacturing.
  • The country has a strong workforce with a focus on quality and innovation.
  • Bangladesh is a growing market for agro-food products.
  • There are many opportunities for collaboration between Bangladesh and Europe in the areas of impact investing and circular economy.

The "Best of Bangladesh Europe" event is a significant step in promoting Bangladesh as a sustainable and innovative manufacturing hub.

The event is expected to generate new business opportunities for Bangladeshi companies and help to strengthen ties between Bangladesh and Europe.

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