Jeanologia at Kingpins Amsterdam: Washed by the Atmosphere


17 October 2023, Mumbai

Jeanologia, a Spanish leader in eco-efficient technologies, will showcase its new technologies and processes at Kingpins Amsterdam, an event focused on the denim and knitwear industries. Jeanologia believes that air, digitalization, and automation are the keys to a fully sustainable and efficient textile industry.
Atmos: Atmospheric Washing Process
Jeanologia's Atmos atmospheric washing process allows for the natural aging of garments with a genuine vintage effect, without the use of water, pumice stones, or chemicals.
The process uses ozone under atmospheric conditions instead of water and chemicals, resulting in a denim garment with an authentic vintage look and an impressive contrast between light and dark areas.
The Atmos finishing process is also applied in color treatment, for example on sweatshirts and T-shirts.
G2 Ozone Technology
Jeanologia's breakthrough G2 ozone technology sets a new benchmark in the finishing processes of denim and knitwear. It allows production centers to greatly reduce the use of water and chemicals, achieving a natural wear tone more quickly and sustainably, and at a lower cost.
Benefits of Washed by the Atmosphere
The Washed by the Atmosphere concept offers a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce denim and knitwear garments. It reduces water use by up to 96%, eliminates all toxic byproducts, and reduces energy consumption by up to 25%.
It also makes it possible to eliminate traditional polluting processes, such as potassium permanganate, pumice, other harmful substances, and effluent discharges from the textile finishing industry.

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