"This is YKK 2021," a report praising YKK's efforts to be more sustainable

"This is YKK 2021," a report praising YKK's efforts to be more sustainable

02 December 2021,  Mumbai:

The YKK Corporation has produced an integrated report titled "This is YKK 2021" that details the company's progress on medium-term management strategies, value creation targeted at long-term sustainable growth, and sustainability activities.

"This is YKK 2021" publishes both financial and non-financial information, as well as YKK's Fastening Business's mid-and long-term goals, as part of the company's attempts to further connect with stakeholders under this new strategy.

In April 2021, YKK completed a global restructure to better accomplish the aims of its new Mid-Term Business Policy – "Sustainable growth under the new normal," according to the firm.

What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important? | EnvironmentalScience.org

A supplementary "Data Book" has been issued with detailed information on YKK's progress on ESG targets. The YKK Sustainability Vision 2050, the company's path for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, is documented in the Data Book. Climate change, material resources, water resources, chemical control, and human respect were all given goals.

The corporation goes on to say that remarkable achievements were made in the fiscal year 2020.

The accomplishments in climate change activities include a 20% decrease in Scope 1, 2 GHG emissions (from a 2018 baseline); a 36% reduction in Scope 3 GHG emissions (from a 2018 basis); and a Greenhouse gas reduction target for FY 2030 verified by SBTi as matched with the "1.5°C objectives."

In Material Resources, sales of the NATULON series of recycled zippers climbed by 88 percent year over year; landfill trash was decreased by 2,700 tonnes a year over year; and production recycling increased to 82.3 percent.

The achievement in the field of water resources was an 18% reduction in total water consumption by all manufacturing locations (year-on-year). Chemical Management accomplishments include: strengthened in-house standards and 792 supplier compliance surveys; completed OEKO-TEX certification renewal for YKK products at 40 companies; and expanded AcroPlating, a new proprietary plating technology for brass that eliminates the harmful chemicals used in traditional electroplating.

CSRWire - YKK Commits to Achieving Climate Neutrality by 2050


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