CEPA between India & UAE to incentavise Textile sector

CEPA between India & UAE to incentavise Textile sector

14 May 2022, Mumbai:

Startup push in Indo-UAE agreement.

"THE COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (CEPA) the trade pact will open doors to Indian labour and incentivize many sectors including textiles," says commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal this Friday.

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According to Goyal the agreement which came into effect on May 2nd, the CEPA was one of the fastest trade agreements to be signed.

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The summit also saw the launch of the India-UAE startup bridge as part of CEPA.

The bridge would enable UAE investments in Indian startups and would provide UAE with the benefit of India's experience in the sector.

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CREDITS: ET Dt 14-05-2022 (The news article has not been edited by DFU Publications staff).

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