FLYROBE: India’s 1st & the largest fashion rental service


29 July 2022, Mumbai:

Officially trained in the field of Law, Aanchal Saini turned her head from her successful law practice towards her longing desire to pursue a career in fashion.

Entrepreneur Aanchal is currently serving as the CEO of the FLYROBE, India’s first and largest fashion rental company. “The world is moving towards a shared economy and here at FLYROBE we are capitalizing on this consumer behaviour shift in the fashion industry for the past 5 years says, Aanchal Saini.

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She founded RENT IT BAE in 2016 as a luxury fashion rental service offering ethenic, western accessories from designer labels & brands on rent at a fraction of cost.

She acquired Flyrobe in 2019 with a vision to multiply the business by 10X. 

Her core belief is that “Sustainable Fashion can transform the world with the offering of the mushrooming of the fashion rental industry.

Thus, catering to a mass audience through omnichannel expansion in the country and overseas is certainly a vision that will be a reality soon. Prior to establishing her love for fashion sustainability, she was a practising lawyer at Delhi High Court for 7 years.

Her key accomplishments include - setting up the Delhi International Arbitration Centre and becoming a true fashion rental aficionado. And gained wide recognition for setting up the Delhi International arbitration centre from scratch and eventually leading it to great heights.

Various media organisations- both print and online have published about the brand. Aanchal is also a Member of Facebook.

She Leads Tech, India and a Working Member, CAIF..

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