India's Sustainable Fashion Market Set for Major Growth with Heritage & Innovation


12 April 2023, Mumbai 

The India in Fashion exhibition, currently underway in Mumbai, is showcasing the country's traditional dress, textiles, and crafts, and how they have influenced international fashion since the 18th century.

What all you need to know

The exhibition, curated by English fashion editor Hamish Bowles, opened on April 1 at the newly-opened Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre and was attended by some of India's biggest celebrities, fashion designers, and influencers, making it a grand affair.

The exhibition features ten sections with each having its own grand setting designed by multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Kinmonth in collaboration with Mumbai-based architect and designer Rooshad Shroff.

The exhibition is a blend of the past and present, showcasing Indian chintz, muslin, and other fabrics, and how they have been used in Indian and international clothing cultures.

The exhibition also highlights the journey of Indian textile and crafts traditions to the West, which has faced many socio-political and economic challenges. The exhibition showcases vintage gowns, traditional Indian ensembles, and contemporary Indian brands, demonstrating the impact of India on Western fashion and couture.

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