Myntra takes on Indian fashion e-com market with 'Fwd' launch

Myntra takes on Indian fashion e-com market with 'Fwd' launch

 03 May 2023, Mumbai 

Myntra, one of India's leading fashion e-commerce platforms, has recently launched a new feature called 'Fwd' aimed at providing an immersive fashion experience for its Gen-Z customers. The company hopes to attract 10 million new Gen-Z customers to its platform within the next two years.

The Fwd feature includes a range of differentiated app-in-app experiences, including direct access to Gen-Z offerings, simplified trend-spotting-to-shopping, photo search, daily drops, and more. With Fwd, Myntra seeks to cater to Gen-Z's individualistic sense of style, diverse points of view, and core values that are steadily influencing global fashion consumption.

Myntra Fwd is not just a fashion destination; it's a holistic lifestyle experience designed especially for Gen Z. The launch marks Myntra's latest attempt to stay ahead of the competition in the fiercely competitive Indian fashion e-commerce market.

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