Donear Group redefines fashion future at AsiaTex'23

Donear Group redefines fashion future at AsiaTex'23

India's premier lifestyle and fashion house, Donear Group, has raised the bar for men's fashion by unveiling its acclaimed product line at AsiaTex'23, a prestigious showcase organized by the Hindustan Chambers of Commerce.

The event was inaugurated by Piyush Goyal, Minister of Textile, Commerce & Industry, and was attended by other notable figures, including Rajendra Agarwal, MD & Mentor of Donear Industries Ltd. and Ramesh Poddar, CMD of Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.

At the event, Donear Group occupied the largest stall and presented a wide spectrum of luxury to premium fabrics tailored for discerning Indian fashion enthusiasts.

The Group's commitment to innovation has kept it in sync with evolving local and global fashion trends, and it offers a diverse array of top-quality Woolen, Cotton, Linen, and PV fabrics, distinguished by their quality, comfort, versatility, lightness, and style.

Rajendra Agarwal, Mentor of Donear Group, emphasized that AsiaTex'23 underscores the Group's dedication to excellence and innovation in the textile and fashion industry.

He highlighted the showcase of diverse fabrics under their Heritage and Premium brands, catering to the tastes of fashion connoisseurs. Agarwal further noted that Donear Group's expertise lies in customizing global trends to suit Indian traditional flavors, aiming to elevate fashion's luxury and craftsmanship standards within the industry.

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