Donear x French Crown: Luxury suits


17 August 2023, Mumbai

Textile major Donear Suitings has partnered with clothing retailer French Crown to launch a luxury suiting brand called "The Suited Saint."


The partnership seeks to penetrate global markets, offering products priced at USD 500 and above. The brand's launch is scheduled for mid-September this year.

Donear has indicated to invest INR 30 crore over the upcoming 2-3 years, supplying fabric on a 90-day credit for manufacturing.


French Crown will oversee research, manufacturing, retail, and distribution, establishing a manufacturing facility and R&D unit in Surat.

International experts will guide the brand to cater to diverse trends and customer preferences.

French Crown

It currently garners 35% of revenue domestically and 65% internationally across 90+ countries, with the US contributing 60% of sales and the remainder from the UK, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and others.

Vision; The company aims to reach INR 110 crore in revenue for FY24, building upon its annualized run rate of INR 100 crore.

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