Govt crafting e-commerce rules for consumers

Govt crafting e-commerce rules for consumers

13 May 2023, Mumbai 

The Indian government has recently announced its ongoing efforts to develop a comprehensive e-commerce policy and establish rules for the sector under the Consumer Protection Act.

What all you need to know

The primary objective of these initiatives is to ensure coherence and consistency between the policy and rules. With a strong emphasis on consumer welfare, the government aims to formulate regulations that cater to the needs and rights of consumers, be it through the establishment of a regulatory body or other alternative means.

One of the key goals of the government is to create a level playing field in the e-commerce landscape by providing equal access to small and medium-sized businesses.

This move aims to promote fair competition and foster an open network of digital commerce (ONDC). By introducing the concept of ONDC, the government seeks to offer an inclusive platform that enables small players to thrive, while also benefiting consumers at large.

The government firmly refutes any claims suggesting its intention to suppress the margins of e-commerce platforms or engage in direct competition with specific providers.

In line with these efforts, ONDC has set ambitious targets for the near future. By the end of the year, the platform anticipates facilitating approximately one lakh daily transactions, a significant five-fold increase from the current number. Moreover, the number of merchants on the platform is expected to double from the existing count of 36,000, further enhancing the ecosystem of digital commerce in India.

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