IIT-Delhi's bulletproof breakthrough


21 August 2023, Mumbai

Revolutionizing the Landscape of Protective Gear

Researchers at IIT-Delhi have introduced the world's lightest bulletproof jackets, designed specifically for frontline soldiers. These state-of-the-art jackets offer unparalleled protection while significantly reducing the overall weight burden.

Weighing an astonishingly low 8.2 kg, the newly developed jacket showcases extraordinary resilience, capable of withstanding up to eight bullets fired from AK-series rifles.

A 15-Year Journey to Make Frontline Soldiers Safer

The inception of this ground-breaking project dates back 15 years, triggered by an insightful conversation between Professor Naresh Bhatnagar from IIT Delhi's Centre of Excellence on Personal Body Armour and an Army Major with frontline experience.

The Major emphasized the urgent requirement for lighter bulletproof jackets, given the impracticality of the existing iron-based counterparts, which weighed between 22-25 kg and hindered combat effectiveness.

Diverging from conventional approaches, IIT-Delhi's researchers integrated advanced polymer and ceramic materials into their innovative jacket design.

Setting a New Global Standard in Bulletproof Technology

The endeavor garnered substantial academic investment, engaging the expertise of 25 M.Tech and 12 Ph.D. students.

Endorsed by the Bureau of Indian Standards following meticulous evaluation, these jackets are slated for presentation at an upcoming NATO conference in Germany.

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