Indo Count Industries Introduces Sustainable Bedding Collection


12 September 2023, Mumbai

Indo Count Industries Reinvents Reloop Collection with Regenerative Cotton Bedding

Regenerative Cotton is a Groundbreaking Shift in Cotton Sustainability Practices

  • Regenerative cotton is grown using farming practices that improve soil health, conserve water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It is a significant step toward unlocking a myriad of economic, environmental, and social advantages.

The new Bedding Collection is Made from 100% Certified Regenerative Cotton

  • The bedding is blended with plant waste-based fibers, such as Tencel and Lyocell.
  • It is finished with a water-based dye that is free of harmful chemicals.
  • It is GOTS-certified, which means it meets the highest standards for organic and sustainable textiles.

Bedding Collection is Available Now at Indo Count's New York Showroom

  • The collection is available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • It is perfect for anyone who wants to sleep soundly knowing that they are choosing a sustainable option.

Indo Count Industries is committed to providing consumers with sustainable bedding options that are both luxurious and environmentally friendly. The new Reloop Regenerative Cotton Bedding Collection is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability and its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers.

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