Jeanologia Revolutionizes Denim Design with eDesigner


08 November 2023, Mumbai

Jeanologia, a pioneer in eco-efficient textile technologies, introduces the latest version of its innovative jean-design software, eDesigner. This groundbreaking tool transforms the virtual creation of garments, reducing physical samples by 80% and ensuring flawless replication of production designs.
Enhanced Features for an Intuitive Design Experience
The revamped eDesigner boasts an intuitive interface, enhanced hyperrealism, and access to Jeanologia's design expertise. The software incorporates the "Trace" tool, which utilizes AI to generate hyper-realistic designs, and the Lightbrary, a comprehensive gallery of inspiring designs.
Digitization at its Finest: Minimizing Samples and Environmental Impact
eDesigner elevates digitization to new heights by enabling the digital creation of patterns and garments, significantly reducing the need for physical samples. This innovation not only conserves resources but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with sample production.
Streamlined Design Validation and Accelerated Production
eDesigner serves as a fluid communication channel, connecting designers, wash developers, brands, and manufacturers. This streamlines the design validation process and accelerates production, ensuring efficiency, reduced time-to-market, and enhanced sustainability.

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