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LG MoodUP teams up with designers Gauri and Nainika at LFW India

LG MoodUP teamed up with the renowned designer duo Gauri and Nainika for a groundbreaking showcase at the recent Lakme Fashion Week, in collaboration with FDCI. This collaboration unveiled a fusion of fashion that not only celebrated LG MoodUP's vibrant hues but also showcased the luxurious style of the Gauri and Nainika Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

The collection's print story was an explosion of colors and daring floral designs. Oversized peony blooms intertwined with intricate rose creeper patterns, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The color palette was dominated by deep pink, rich yellow, and soft pink, with pops of fuchsia and bottle green adding diversity. Classic favorites like red, ivory, and black added a regal touch to the collection.

In terms of fabric selection, the designers chose opulent materials. Raw silks and duchess satin shimmered on the runway, radiating richness and elegance. Royal velvet occasionally graced the runway, epitomising unapologetic formal sophistication. Jewel tones abounded, embellished with intricate crystal and pearl details, elevating each ensemble to grandiose heights.

The collection featured voluminous gowns and structured midi dresses that gracefully glided down the catwalk. Shirt dresses exuded effortless grace, while crepe introduced a new dimension to the line. Chiffon added delicate charm, enhancing the collection's allure. Innovative corset designs, featuring ruffles, crystal embroidery, and 3D florals, offered a variety of silhouette options.

The sensational showstopper, Taapsee Pannu, made a grand entrance in a black velvet fishtail gown adorned with crystals, paired with a floor-sweeping matching cape.

This collaboration extends beyond mere inspiration from LG MoodUP's vibrant refrigerator colors. The modern and sleek design of the refrigerator, embodying timeless luxury and elegance, resonates with the ethos of the Gauri & Nainika Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Just as the refrigerator seamlessly integrates innovation and sophistication, the garments effortlessly blend classic silhouettes with contemporary flair. The synergy between the aesthetics of Gauri and Nainika and LG MoodUP's vision underscores a shared commitment to merging design with timeless elegance, remark designers Gauri and Nainika.

LG MoodUP teams up with designers Gauri and Nainika at LFW India

Gaurang celebrates the color pink with a new collection on day 2 of LFW X FDCI

Prominent women's fashion brand, Gaurang celebrated the essence of pink during the second day of Lakmé Fashion Week x Fashion Design Council of India.

Embracing the theme of Sustainable Fashion Day on March 14, Gaurang showcased a dazzling collection of traditional wear, highlighting the vibrancy of handloom textiles in sarees that embodied the spirit of spring.

Named 'Gulaal,' Gaurang's spring/festive collection was inspired by the rejuvenating promise of the Phagun season. Each saree in the collection was meticulously crafted, featuring intricate borders, metallic embellishments, and traditional motifs, predominantly in various shades of pink ranging from soft pastels to vivid magentas.

Adding a touch of tradition and festivity, the runway was graced by two Kathakali dancers adorned in traditional attire and makeup, gracefully maneuvering around piles of pink powder arranged in traditional dishes. The ambiance was further enhanced by the aroma of incense, evoking the atmosphere of a joyous festival. Gaurang's sarees, adorned with bright accents of green and yellow, mimicked the hues of spring flowers, infusing the collection with a sense of freshness and renewal.

The collection showcased an array of handloom textiles, including fine cotton, silk matka, and other natural silks, underscoring the brand's commitment to sustainability. Notably, Gaurang highlighted the significance of handloom Khadi, a heritage textile of India that has gained recognition as a sustainable fabric in recent years.

Being held at Mumbai's Jio World Convention Centre from March 13 to 17, Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI serves as a platform for designers nationwide to showcase their talent. The event encompasses physical runway shows, digital presentations, design competitions, and fashion seminars, uniting the fashion community in celebration of creativity and innovation.

Gaurang celebrates the color pink with a new collection on day 2 of LFW X FDCI

Designer Harvinder Kaur attends London Fashion Week 2024

Spearheaded by Sonal Vig, CEO, Medusa, a delegation of nine esteemed Indian designers, including Harvinder Kaur representing Khadi India, graced both the runway showcase and exhibition at the London Fashion Week 2024.

The participation of the brand Medusa and its collaborators at LFW 2024 was a concerted effort to spotlight the unparalleled craftsmanship of Indian designers to the world.

Kaur emphasised on Medusa's role in championing creative freedom for designers while promoting Indian artistry globally. With Vig's unwavering support, Kaur felt seamlessly aligned her design ethos with Medusa's vision, ensuring a compelling showcase at LFW 2024.

For Kaur, LFW served as a platform to propel her brand and Indian fashion onto the global stage. Her collection at London Fashion Week was a tribute to her roots. She highlighted the cultural significance of colors and traditional silhouettes in daily life through the use of Khadi fabric and earthy hues.

Kaur's collection embodied innovation and sustainability, epitomising the spirit of 'Atmanirbharta' or self-reliance inherent in Khadi fabric. By showcasing the brilliance of Indian handloom and the dedication of local artisans, she emphasised that sustainable fashion can seamlessly merge with high fashion, resonating with global audiences at LFW.

Designer Harvinder Kaur attends London Fashion Week 2024

The Rise of Ready-to-Wear Luxury in India: Homegrown labels leading the way

India's fashion scene is undergoing a transformation, with a growing popularity for ready-to-wear (RTW) collections from homegrown luxury labels. This trend caters to a growing desire for high-quality, well-designed pieces that are more accessible than traditional haute couture. Bain & Company predicts India's RTW market to reach a staggering Rs 12,500 crores by 2025, a testament to its booming potential. Cashing in on demand are couturiers and top designers. They are fulfilling the aspirations of the upwardly mobile consumer looking for a top label in their wardrobe.
Fueling the rise
Several factors are fueling this RTW revolution. Firstly, rising disposable income, particularly in Tier II, III, and IV cities, is empowering a growing middle class to seek out premium fashion experiences. India's luxury goods market, valued at Rs 63,180 crores in 2023 (as per Statista), is projected to maintain a steady growth trajectory. While India's couture industry has always been renowned for its opulence and intricate craftsmanship, RTW or prêt offers a more relaxed and practical approach to luxury. These labels bridge the gap between high-end fashion and everyday wearability.
What sets Indian prêt apart is its ability to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and everyday wearability. Unlike the opulent and intricately crafted world of couture, RTW offers a relaxed and practical approach to luxury. These labels reinterpret classic Indian textiles and silhouettes for a contemporary audience, offering flowy kurtas with clean lines, modern takes on saris, and jackets crafted from luxurious silks. This delightful fusion of tradition and modernity resonates deeply with the style-conscious Indian consumer.
Adding another dimension to the trend is the growing emphasis on sustainability. Many RTW labels prioritize eco-friendly practices and ethical production, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
Leading the Charge: Luxe labels in the prêt space
There are several luxury labels that are redefining their lines with prêt offerings. Ura Maku, a brand synonymous with ‘quiet luxury’ in India founded by Manjushree Saikia, offers timeless pieces like power suits crafted from handwoven fabrics by artisans from Assam. Similarly, Alaya by Stage3, this New Delhi-based label curates a collection of trendy yet sophisticated ethnic and contemporary pieces. They collaborate with stylists and influencers to offer a unique blend of Indian sensibilities with a modern twist. ANI Clothing on the other hand focuses on sustainable, high-quality Western wear. Their ethically sourced fabrics and relaxed silhouettes with a touch of Indian heritage have garnered a loyal following, especially among millennials. Another brand, Rescha embodies sustainable elegance with its flowy silhouettes and use of organic fabrics. And La Fulia offers a unique blend of slow fashion and sustainable practices. Their collections feature delicate embroideries and a focus on timeless elegance.
Couturiers embrace prêt
Even established couturiers are embracing the RTW revolution. Gaurav Gupta, who started his career in prêt before venturing into couture, recently made a splash with his Autumn/Winter 2023 RTW collection. Similarly, designer Rahul Mishra, known for his phenomenal haute couture contributions, showcased his new RTW line at Paris Fashion Week in September 2023.
A shift in consumer preferences
The pandemic has significantly impacted consumer behavior, leading to a move away from occasion-driven purchases of handcrafted designer wear. The rise of fashion e-commerce and the rapid dissemination of global trends through social media are further propelling this shift. This transition is resulting in designer wear becoming more commonplace in everyday wardrobes of the upper-middle-class and upper-class demographics. As designer Amit Aggarwal points out, prêt is a major talking point in luxury brands' conversations today, due to its scalability and ability to offer a more accessible experience compared to couture.
A thriving future
Indeed, India's homegrown luxury RTW market is a thriving space that offers a unique blend of tradition, modernity, and sustainable practices. And what’s helping it grow is the lower price point of prêt designs that allows designers to bring new customers into the fold. As for customers, those aspiring to a piece of homegrown luxury now don’t have to wait for a big occasion like a wedding in the family to justify designer buys. As consumer preferences evolve, these labels are well-positioned to cater to a discerning audience seeking effortless luxury and a touch of Indian heritage in their everyday wardrobes.

The Rise of Ready-to-Wear Luxury in India: Homegrown labels leading the way

Kalki to unveil new collection,’Inara’ at Lakme Fashion Week

A prominent fashion label, Kalki is set to unveil its exquisite 'Inara' collection on the fifth day of the Lakme Fashion Week, organised in collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) at Mumbai's prestigious Jio World Convention Centre.

The 'Inara' collection promises a stunning array of silhouettes, ranging from fish-cut lehengas to contemporary western gowns, as well as captivating capes and drape skirts.

Nishit Gupta, Director, Kalki, says, Inara is a testament to the brand’s admiration for the beauty of nature and the limitless creativity of human expression. Transcending mere garments, these pieces are embodiments of life's most cherished moments.

Whether a traditional wedding, a glamorous soirée, or a romantic evening, Inara embodies timeless elegance for every occasion, Gupta adds.

Being held in collaboration with FDCI at the iconic Jio World Convention Centre, the Lakme Fashion Week will run until March 17, promising a celebration of fashion, artistry, and creativity.

Kalki to unveil new collection,’Inara’ at Lakme Fashion Week

Timex to be the title sponsor for 10th IBFW in Goa

Renowned global watch brand, Timex announced its title sponsorship for the 10th edition of India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW), scheduled for March 18-19, 2024 in Candolim, Goa.

This two-day extravaganza will feature eminent designers such as Pria Kataria, Samant Chauhan, and the duo Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna.

Deepak Chhabra, Managing Director, Timex India, states, Timex has fostered a longstanding relationship with IBFW, and with each passing year, the association strengthens, resonating with the essence of style, self-expression, and innovation.

Pallav Ojha, Founder, IBFW, adds, with a brand identity synonymous with timeless elegance and innovation, Timex adds a new dimension to the event. The collaboration aims to redefine beach fashion by seamlessly merging sophistication with the thrill of adventure.

The event promises a mesmerizing display of beachwear and accessories through runway presentations, designer exhibits, and exclusive pop-up stores. Attendees will also be able explore the latest collection of Timex watches, enhancing the fusion of fashion and functionality at IBFW.

Timex to be the title sponsor for 10th IBFW in Goa

Around 60 designers to showcase collections at 49 th Lakme Fashion Week

A total of 60 designers are participating in the 49th Lakme Fashion Week, being held from March 13, 2024 in Mumbai. In collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), the event showcases innovative designs in Khadi and Smart Fabrics, incorporating recycled plastics. It features several Gen Next designers including Kriti Greta Singhee, Rosani, Shimona Agarwal, and The Terra Tribe with their debut collections.

The event places a significant emphasis on environmentally friendly practices, with inclusivity and sustainability being integral themes. It is showcasing several noteworthy elements including structured silk dresses, Benaras weaves, and an intriguing fusion of feminine designs on men's wear, featuring skirts and garters, all adorned with earthy tones and African motifs.

The runway celebrates diversity, with plus-size and queer models confidently strutting the ramp, aligning with the industry's embrace of gender positivity.

On the first day, French trend consulting agency Peclars Paris launched the first India trend book in collaboration with Lakme, spotlighting Indian designers and their interpretations of global trends through local craft in a modern context.

Additionally, designers including Akshat Bansal (Bloni), Aneeth Arora (Pero), and Pankaj & Nidhi curated distinct fashion installations, reflecting their unique take on the showcased trends.

Models adorned creations by students of the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), further enriching the event's diverse tapestry of talent and creativity.

Over the ensuing three days, renowned designers such as J J Valaya, Anamika Khanna, and Rahul Mishra are slated to present their new collections at the Jio World Convention Centre.

Around 60 designers to showcase collections at 49 th Lakme Fashion Week

JJ Valaya to showcase latest Kapurthala collection at LFW x FDCI

Renowned fashion designer JJ Valaya will showcase his latest collection from his bridge-to-luxury brand, JJV Kapurthala, at Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) x FDCI. Titled ‘Char,’ this season's collection is made from Relan’s eco-conscious fabrics.

The collection incorporates innovative materials like Greengold, crafted from recycled plastic bottles, and Kooltex for enhanced comfort. This collaboration highlights both parties' commitment to foster exceptional design talent while promoting sustainability and a more circular approach within the fashion industry.

This partnership exemplifies the company’s dedication to support top designers while advancing eco-friendly practices in textiles and fashion, states Hemant Sharma, President- Polyester, Reliance Industries.

JJ Valaya opines, this collaboration makes the entire creative process more special.
The versatile Relan's fabrics perfectly integrate with JJV Kapurthala's signature prints and silhouettes, resulting in a diverse and adaptable collection.

Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI is scheduled to be held from Mar 13-17, 2024 at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai.

JJ Valaya to showcase latest Kapurthala collection at LFW x FDCI

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