Bollywood Takes Center Stage: Pavleen Gujral on Fashion's Dazzling Role in Cinema at BRICS+

BRICS+Fashion Summit2023

16 December 2023, Mumbai

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit in Moscow buzzed with collaboration and creative exchange, and fashion's symbiotic relationship with cinema took center stage. The session, aptly titled "Celebrity Style on and Off the Screen," brought together a panel of international experts, including the dazzling Bollywood actress Pavleen Gujral.

Gujral's unique perspective added a vibrant splash to the discussion. Unlike other industries, Bollywood embraces the extravagant, weaving fantastical stories with costumes to match. "Exaggerated costumes are part of the DNA of Bollywood," she declared, highlighting the stark contrast between on-screen glamour and everyday reality. Each actor transforms into a larger-than-life persona, meticulously crafted by dedicated personal stylists who wield fashion as their magic wand.

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Beyond Bollywood's dazzling spectacle, the session delved deeper into the intricate partnership between fashion and cinema. Does cinema set trends or reflect them? Is it a marketing tool, a platform for communication, or an endless source of inspiration? These thought-provoking questions sparked lively exchanges among the panelists, showcasing the diverse perspectives of the global film and fashion landscape.

Through Pavleen Gujral's insights and the broader session, the BRICS+ Fashion Summit shed light on the undeniable power of fashion in shaping cinematic narratives and captivating audiences. Bollywood's flamboyant costumes, while far removed from everyday wear, are more than just eye candy; they serve as potent storytelling devices, amplifying emotions and immersing viewers in fantastical worlds.


This session served as a powerful reminder that fashion transcends mere trends; it weaves itself into the tapestry of storytelling, adding depth and dimension to the characters we love and the worlds we dream of.


From Hollywood's red carpets to Bollywood's extravagant sets, fashion continues to be a potent force, influencing and being influenced by the silver screen. The BRICS+ Summit brought this vibrant partnership to the forefront, offering a glimpse into the future of this captivating intermingling of creativity and commerce.

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