Cracking the Code: India's Fashion Secrets Revealed at BRICS+ Summit


16 December 2023, Mumbai

Moscow's Zaryadye Park hummed with the rhythm of saris and the clink of champagne flutes as the BRICS+ Fashion Summit unfolded. Amidst the dazzling displays and high-octane runway shows, a quieter session ignited a spark of intrigue: "Reverse Pitch: Country Expert Session. India." This wasn't just a panel discussion; it was a masterclass in cracking the vibrant, yet enigmatic, code of Indian fashion.


Dr. Gulbash Duggal, an expert in Indian fashion education, set the stage with a disarmingly simple truth: "We are a love-loving people." This wasn't just sentimentality; it was a business mantra. For Dr. Duggal, Indian fashion thrives on emotional connections, not just trends. "We fall in love with clothes," she declared, hinting at a market driven by passion, not fickle fads.

Akashdeep Singh, the shrewd strategist, picked up the thread. "Marketplaces," he declared, "are your gateway to India." Choupette, a trusted name in Indian e-commerce, was just one example. He challenged the audience: "Working with India isn't a question of 'if,' it's a question of 'what will you leave behind?'" A subtle shift from risk to opportunity, it was a call to action for fashion pioneers.

Sameep Shastri, the visionary, then painted a larger canvas. He urged BRICS+ nations to pool their strengths, each state contributing its unique skills and industries. "Together," he asserted, "we can create sustainable products that stand the test of time." This wasn't just about fashion; it was a blueprint for a future built on collaboration, not competition.

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Moderated by the ever-effervescent Sanjay Chawla, founder of DFU Publications and FashionatingWorld, the session crackled with insights. He concluded with a bold proclamation: "The last four decades belonged to China. The next three belong to India." It wasn't just a prediction; it was a challenge, an invitation to join the Indian fashion revolution.

From Dr. Duggal's emotional intelligence to Akashdeep Singh's strategic pragmatism and Sameep Shastri's visionary spirit, the "Reverse Pitch" wasn't just about India; it was a lesson in understanding the human element that drives fashion. It was a reminder that in the kaleidoscope of the BRICS+ world, India's vibrant colors are waiting to be embraced, not just admired.

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