Devoiler creates classic and eternal styles

Devoiler creates classic and eternal styles

 14 December 2022, Mumbai

Devoiler uses traditional weaves, linen and silks from master weavers all over the country to create classic and eternal styles.

Devoiler, based in Kolkata, is a fashion apparel brand specialising in men’s ethnic wear and focuses on streetwear fashion styles which are in tune with the needs of the current young culture.

The brand retails through exclusive brand outlets, multi designer outlets, distributors and other retail channels. In the last year, it has secured a significant portion of the retail segment through distributorship in Orissa and Bihar and is also working on distribution in Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Jharkhand.

Devoiler women's wear was introduced in the Middle East during the pandemic. As the Covid wave started in India, the company prepared itself for not getting any business during the initial months and transitioned into the making of textile-based face masks and gradually got back into its primary work.

Devoiler, a leading provider of fashionable clothing in India and abroad, has announced the global launch of its men’s ethnic collection and exclusive brand franchise outlets in every Indian city and in places abroad such as London, the United States, Singapore, and Dubai. Devoiler’s journey began in June 2017 with the label Nisha Singh - London later renamed Devoiler.

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