Goa beach festival next week

Goa beach festival next week

10 February 2023, Mumbai

India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW) will be held in Goa, February 13 to 14, 2023.

This is India’s first island week and fashion festival and it targets young and bold fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, designers, content creators and artists, fresh graduates and early innovators. The hope is that their vision and outlook, design aesthetics and technology can help build India’s biggest creative ecosystem with consumers and brand custodians who stand up for green space energy and a circular usage economy.

Vikram Phadnis will make his debut in resort wear. Goa, with its lush tropical forests, a vast expanse of emerald green paddy fields and meticulously restored colonial-style Portuguese villas, was selected as a picture-perfect setting for IBFW. Open-air ramps, including India’s longest ramp and the first one facing the sea, make it a one-of-its-kind fashion festival. There will be designated festival areas and brand engagement booths, makeover zones and experience zones with store installations and villa blocks within the main show area and even an after-party conclave zone.

Pop-up companies will also be setting up a flea market. The resort itself has a gym, spa, beauty parlor, and restaurant, besides a swimming pooland a personal jetty with yacht park space.

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