How KAVERI Is Revolutionizing Handcrafted Luxury With Linen


15 December 2023, Mumbai

Celebrated Lakmé Fashion Week Designer and charismatic personality, Kaveri Lalchand, invites you to explore her eponymous label with a new fashionable experience in the lavish area of Bandra, Mumbai after the success of her Kala Ghoda outlet.

Seema Taparia will be the guest of honour at the store launch. The new store is part of the brand’s continuous strategy to expand its retail presence across India, with existing stores in Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, and upcoming ones in Ahmedabad; and with an ambitious plan to go nationwide in 2024, this has been a remarkable leap forward in handcrafted contemporary linen fashion. KAVERI’s creations honour the spirit of handmade luxury, comfort, and elegance.

Her carefully handcrafted designs suit both everyday wear and special occasions, combining innovative techniques with timeless craftsmanship.


The store showcases a lively range of contemporary styles- from wardrobe essentials such as tunics, kaftans and sarees to trendy coords and jacket sets, her clothes transform the way you feel about yourself: powerful, whimsical and effortlessly stylish- reflecting her mantra to make ‘Everyday Beautiful’ through the beauty of luxurious linen. “KAVERI’s designs go beyond clothing; they express self-identity and individuality,” said a spokesperson of the brand.

“The Bandra store opening is a significant achievement in our effort to provide KAVERI’s signature styles as well as handcrafted luxury that embodies a balance of tradition and modernity, celebrating the essence of linen in every creation.”


Extending her creative range, KAVERI has launched innovative lines such as Baby K - a collection of finely crafted linen wear for children in her distinctive designs, Love by KAVERI - a concept store in Kochi offering holiday, lifestyle, and home wear, and Couture by KAVERI- a luxurious line of wedding and festive wear handcrafted to celebrate you with intricate embroidery and finesse.

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