INDIAsize Initiative: Better fitting clothes for Indians


27 July 2023, Mumbai

The Textiles Secretary, Rachna Shah, announces the launch of 'INDIAsize,' a groundbreaking project aimed at creating standardized measurements to cater to Indian body types, addressing fitting issues with current international sizes.

Revolutionize clothing

The Textiles Ministry plans to offer better-fitted clothing options for Indian consumers, who often face challenges due to the use of US or UK measurements by international and domestic brands.

The initiative will collect data from over 25,000 individuals using 3D whole-body scanning technology to develop a comprehensive body-size chart.

Fit for Indians

This move is expected to bridge the disparities between the demand and supply of well-fitted garments and boost the technical textiles segment in India.


Additionally, the study's implications extend beyond apparel, benefiting various sectors like automotive, aerospace, fitness, art, and gaming by facilitating the creation of ergonomically designed products tailored to the Indian population.

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