Innovative designer revolutionizes men's fashion


01 August 2023, Mumbai

Ace designer Kunal Rawal is all set to showcase his ground-breaking collection, "Dhoop Chao," at the Indian Couture Week 2023.


Drawing inspiration from the evolving vibrancy of young India, Rawal's multifunctional festive occasion wear features 3D printing, zero-waste pattern cutting, and striking metallic highlights, setting new standards for men's fashion.

Embracing ‘Cultural Vibrancy’

Rawal's collection celebrates India's rich tapestry of diverse cultures, incorporating innovative architectural shapes and textures that immerse the wearer in tactile luxury. Among the standout pieces are experimental lungi pants, which promise to excite fashion enthusiasts.

Technological advancements

Embracing technology's transformative role in fashion, Rawal presents a glow-in-the-dark sherwani, fusing craftsmanship and technology seamlessly. This forward-thinking approach reflects the exciting evolution of menswear, where comfort and clean silhouettes take center stage.

Takes Indian fashion to a rightful place

India's presence on the global fashion scene, especially in couture, remains highly relevant, driven by the country's youthful spirit and the designer's passion for pushing the boundaries of modern-day couture.

With a focus on innovation and individuality, Kunal Rawal envisions a bright future for men's fashion choices worldwide.

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