Paris: Couture Celebrates Rahul Mishra's South Asian Wedding Wear


03 July  2023, Mumbai

Renowned fashion designer Rahul Mishra is set to make another appearance at Paris Haute Couture Week on July 3, showcasing his unique blend of South Asian wedding wear and "mindful luxury." Rahul Mishra's journey

After six years of struggling to sell his unconventional bridal lehengas, Mishra's latest foray into wedding attire has proven immensely successful, with a waitlist of almost five months for his designs.

From challenging traditions to ethical luxury

Weddings, which have boomed since the pandemic, have become a significant source of revenue for Mishra's business and a means to provide employment for over 1,200 embroiderers in rural India.

Responsible manufacturing

With a commitment to ethically paced production and handmade craftsmanship, Mishra's designs embody his vision of inspiring others and creating beautiful outfits that tell a story.

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