The Swedish Embassy hosts a Sustainable Fashion Show in Delhi


23 November 2023, Mumbai

The Embassy of Sweden hosted a fashion show in Delhi to celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and India.

Focusing on sustainability and circular economy, the show showcased garments made from India’s eco-friendly and hand-spun khadi fabric, as well as Swedish sustainable textiles and smart materials. It also presented clothes made from forest slag products and recycled shirts. Clothes that dissolve in high-temperature water and communicate with the wearer through an integrated camera were also showcased.


Sunil Sethi, Chairman, Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), curated the show with collections from the Centre of Excellence for Khadi and Swedish fashion brands including H&M, Lindex as well as the Swedish School of Textiles.

The Centre of Excellence for Khadi created a special collection named ‘Kajsa’ for the event which also featured a special collection by the Swedish School of Textiles that focused on bio-based materials and smart wearable textiles assisting blind and deaf people.

The event also featured the exhibition ‘Fashion. Forever,’ by the Swedish Institute, to present innovations from Sweden's leading fashion designers.

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