Timeless icons shine in Ridhi Mehra's latest AW 2023 collection


25 August 2023, Mumbai

In the realm of Indian fashion retail, an ensemble remains a mere creation until a model elegantly presents it on the runway. These models, the embodiment of grace in motion and the heartbeat of fashion shows, transcend being mere conduits for a designer's vision.

Steal the show

In a landscape where celebrity showstoppers often steal the spotlight, have we perhaps underestimated the overlooked stars of the catwalk? As we embark on a nostalgic journey to the opulent days of fashion history, Ridhi Mehra introduces "The Era," her Autumn/Winter 2023 collection.

This remarkable collection pays homage to iconic and legendary figures from the realm of modeling in an unprecedented campaign. "The Er a" serves as Ridhi Mehra's heartfelt tribute to the legendary icons of the fashion runway.


Drawing inspiration from their self-assuredness, magnetic charm, and unyielding spirit that has given life to innumerable artistic ensembles and graced countless magazine covers, the Autumn/Winter 2023 campaign will be graced by these revered figures from the modeling world.

This is a homage to their irresistible allure and their iconic walks that left the world spellbound. Boasting a legacy and runway presence that spans both India and the global stage, the faces of the "The ICONS - AW 2023" campaign are names of legendary status, cherished and applauded worldwide.

Spoilt for choice

Every ensemble, curated for the OG Showstoppers, captures the essence of their femininity and audacity through contemporary silhouettes. These silhouettes encompass unparalleled pantsuits with trains, luxurious lehengas, and signature draped ruffle sarees.

Exhibiting craftsmanship and allure through a captivating fusion of drama and glamour, the modern silhouettes showcase 3D floral masterpieces, crystals, and beads woven together in a rich and regal palette of ivory, black, and gold.

This collection is a fusion of couture masterpieces that radiate artisanal excellence, impeccably embodying Ridhi  Mehra's vision of honoring and empowering women in all their magnificence.

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